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  1. :o Wow, I agree with... EVERYONE! It's illegal I hear, so that would make me vote "YES", for breaking of laws and pro-general anarchy. And since _JenS_ says her husband is content with paying these high hospital costs, then I definately feel "NO", because it's his cost and he can spend his money however he jolly well pleases, no? And yeah, there are too many people on earth, we're gonna overcrowd it and already we save every life we can no matter how bad it has to live, despite nature's law of 'survival of the fittest'. Daxon seems to have the most informed opinion of anyone who has posted thus far. I didn't know who she was until I heard 'bout it on the news this very morning on my way to work. And I don't care about the question, because it's not a decision in my hands, and I have no place making such a decision for someone else.


    :) So should I create three more accounts so I can actually vote for all 4?

    i ment it like, this man paid hospitality costs for 15 years now, he practically has to work for the woman alone and all he gets is a dumb (no offence, its just like that) look back, for 15 years now. The man aint that rich, you know?


    And when they remove the feeding tube, she will die because she can't eat by herself... actually, she can't do anything by herself... whats the point of life if you can't do anything? Help the woman and get her out of her misery

  2. Depends whos friends you are looking for. *CO* moved to Conquer, ELite moved to

    Planeshift. If you wouldn't spam our forum you could be there. And mind that Conquer

    Online not works on Linux.



    And order of the ox moved to WoW :lol: