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  1. Word association

  2. i was not that specific

    1 topic 'bout you will do.
  3. Holland

    ga wat met je speelgoed spele
  4. Word association

  5. Word association

    another glove slap
  6. Word association

    walking dictionary
  7. Word association

  8. Word association

    grandma who needs fur gloves
  9. This game is too easy, i can kill ogres with 26/29 attack (then) with the right equips, and i only play from 31 decembre with this char
  10. ppl always think im female, cuz my name includes Jen, people get used to it, Jens is also a name
  11. Word association

  12. Word association

    shouldnt u b asleep
  13. WanderingFool's Quiz

    eek 39th place xD
  14. Colored clothes

    that would b cewl *edit* for those who haven't seen
  15. Word association

    Food *edit yay page 30 *
  16. Word association

  17. Word association

    in hell
  18. What is you favourite MMORPG?

    well if u see it that way, WoW is kinda big, u get laggy every time u enter big city, El doesnt have that
  19. Word association

    Ex EL player
  20. Ak1

    Woot ak1 is back? he always made me laugh at the forums
  21. What is you favourite MMORPG?

    I played WoW beta and its far better than EL, i can't believe EL gets so much votes, people played only 1 game?
  22. Fred Penner

    So... anyone knows how to get to roanof xD
  23. Word association

    Neo advertising
  24. Vlaanderen

    Hollander= perseun diej kneen goat slachte veur ene gc
  25. Vlaanderen

    orc= antwerpeneir troll= west vloming gelijk da?