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  1. Lets decide- once and for all

    Who said halo was all it had?. And fable sucked beyond anything, it could have been great I really like the combat system etc just the story was..ehh
  2. Lets decide- once and for all

    Well as seeing lately I've gone nearly all PC I do remeber playing them both, i'd go both. I love the xbox's shooter games, so much better than the PS2 types, ps2 I don't think can do it as well, where as PS2 knocks xbox out of the water with the RPG type games. Just the way it seems to me, as for I have around 8 xbox shooters, 1 rpg (which sucks..it's fable and have playied many more in renting, just what I own) and around 15 PS2 rpg, 3 shooters, which aren't horrible just aren't as good as well, says halo. What annoys me the most are those people that worship halo. Dunno, just my opinion
  3. Do you like Rock?

    I dislike the newer genre of "Cry baby rock" example: simple plan heres some lyrics! "Whine whine hooker dumped me for some midget whine whine whine" I also dislike the ones that sell-out because they know they can make more money being a pop-rock and I wont mention them due to well, 3/4ths of rock today do it. Dislike the new "punk" genre that it a mix of "cry baby rock" mixed with talentless losers. Like- the rock that is ROCK it doesn't try to be anything else but rock. But above all I like experimental rock and just rock that just well that have lyrics that make sense if you listen to it. such as tub-ring (awesome band www.tubring.com) their lyrics are funny etc etc but it has a meaning.
  4. Chat log quotes

    Well as i'm not home currently I can remeber one that makes me laugh everytime I see/think of it Canoe: Boner boner boner
  5. Armed Gobs.....

    You forget how many people are in those level ranges, usually orcs have 3 people to a spawn (or used to..) so it kinda kills the orc leveling
  6. Rant On the World

    And well, the reason because another race can't seem to be president is because they aren't the majority, it's sad but true. Yup, has been awhile nice aswell
  7. Rant On the World

    I agree, most of the presidents are more, proper. But the US isn't ready for a women/other race/common man president. I just don't see how it would work
  8. Rant On the World

    The stuck up comment, have you personally met all the other presidents? No, I REALLY doubt it which just shows that you judge people by the cover (not saying i'm innocent.) but, so what he wants to help others so what. We've been in dept for the longest time, whats another 20 years? I'd love you to name 1 president who did everything right and made everybody happy, there is NONE none at all it's impossible to make everybody happy.
  9. Rant On the World

    Least he has the balls to do shit, unlike Clinton. Just be happy we don't have him anymore
  10. Old EL Screenshots.

    If you didn't leave and come back 50 times auricral you might have been a veteran 0_o
  11. am i the only one who noticed this?

    You odviously never read the funny stuff in there :\
  12. Old EL Screenshots.

    Mmm my I can see my sexyness. Made it through that whole damned event having to use the bathroom >.<
  13. New storage

    Just go to nordcarn if your on the upper part of the map..
  14. What new games are you most looking foward to?

    Xenogears 2 (if ANYbody here acually remebers the 1st one..I owned <3) City of Villians H3 All I can think of atm..
  15. Barbarian archers/spearmen used wolf head type things to show skill. <- Useless trivia ;\ Anywho that would be cool