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  1. WoC_vault and tristran

    I am back from the ban
  2. does el support win 8 ?

    I try el on win 8 and it crash so can god entrophy have time to make el work on win 8 ? if not plz make this post locked
  3. I brought the dvd for $3 and $10 to ship it.
  4. microsoft windows vista RC1 is out free.

    UPDATE ON VISTA Got your attention Today microsoft have release the official 4 versions of Vista.
  5. What computer do you use?

    My computer used to have 2mb graphic card now 32 mb graphic card. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=8CQA0WHEBMCSECAQ
  6. fun with jakoblin

    the reason i can not kill a player is because i still have not brought a new computer . just keep upgrading my graphic card meaning 266mhz pc still run at 1 to 3 fps .
  7. fun with jakoblin

    I AM SO ANGRY. YOU ALL PLAYERS that POST AN ANSWERS to vwpro ARE ALL ON MY PERSONAL PRIVATE BLACK LIST. AND i will make sure my friends kill you on a pvp map.
  8. 2 Cent Opinoin

    my computer can not accept opengl 2.0 so could you not support it plz cuz i dl the driver that support opengl 2.0 and the program gave me a message that say " your computer does not accept opengl 2.0" or else i have to get a rl job to buy a graphic card.
  9. 2 Cent Opinoin

    are you sure el only use opn gl 1.5 ? because I can not afford to buy a new grpahic card that need open gl 2.0 . unless you feel like giving me monies by pay pal. my pay pay name is johnttlinlin@earthlink.net . because my mystery shop company only pay me $7 per shop . and I can onyl do 2 mystery shop per day.
  10. why do people sit around forever?

    people like to sit around like buddha. mediation << hope i spell it correctly.
  11. Buying cloned meat

    I would buy it . think about it . the meat is only in my opinion only a few cent per pound. it is dirt cheap .
  12. http://www.gamerevolution.com/screen/pc/worlds_of_starcraft
  13. http://news.com.com/Warcraft+maker+sued+fo..._3-6053716.html would ent sue us players if a player made a el guide book and was selling it ?
  14. yes when it come out in full version.
  15. something funny happen to me.

    I deposit my check of $10 and when I receice the monthly statement , it said I deposit $1000 .
  16. How old are you?

    guess how old i am. i already chose my age.
  17. i am not a noob. calling me a noob is an insult.
  18. Can I Get A Price Check?

    ooooo i see a way for me to take advantage of it oooooooo