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  1. unban

    hi would request me to unblock ip char joskyc and we had a lot of it is long since I've blocked from my mistakes and I have learned and I'm not going to do any problem please unlock me and char ip advance thank you very
  2. ban

    Hi May I ask why I have IP ban? him I'd had it after the new year, I was unblocked I played 2 months and I know if I violated any rules thanks for the reply joskyc
  3. hellou

    hellou pls i have ip ban...pls unlock pls,,it's a long time and I'd like to return to the game, thank you
  4. Selling OSOMN

  5. ban

    oi why xeron have ban pls?
  6. ban

    will my char anytime unban?
  7. ban

    ok is ti 3 mouth i was locked pls now unban xeron
  8. ban

    pls unban me now i am instructions my error pls unban me ty:(
  9. ban

    oi aislinn pls i need only answer if unlocked xeron or no ty for answer
  10. ban

    ??pls unban me
  11. ban

    pls unlocked me i promise so catch me...pls i like eternal lands i play him 3 year and frirst troubles when i play only 6 mouth pls unban me tyvm and i now read it i speak wrong eng sryy fo it pls unban
  12. ban

    srry now i ban 1 mouth pls unban xeron tyvm:)
  13. ban

    hey ok i read it pls unban xeron ty.
  14. ban

    xeron have ban consecutively or any time???pls
  15. ban

    ah ok:( i am sorry i catch me it stand:) pls unban xeron
  16. selling sto

    selling full blach dragon set damage col jagget saber 15 bp cloaks 1 mirror cloak 44 tit long sword 1 steel axe 20 steel chain mail 190 leather boots 100 leather pants 130 aug leather pants 10 iron chain mail 20 steel shield 15 moon medallion 1 cojurer cloak 130 body restoration 100deer fur 700 deer antlers 600 brown rabbit fur 1 fast regeneration cloak 1900 mercury 1800 empty vial 4 titanium chain mail construction 1 potion of summoning 5 tit long construction 1 gargoyl summoning 5 tit serpent sword costruction 7 tit mining 2 naralik ring building 1 stars medaillion building 1 unicorn ring building 1 portland ring building 1 ring of damage building 1 troll fighting 3 magic potion 4 bear fighting 1 puma summoning 4 steel of axe construction 1 disengagement ring building 6 cyclops fighting 10 tit smelting 3 tit short sword costruction 4 iron axe construction 2 isla prima ring building 1 bear summoning 4 dwarf fighting 3 sun medaillion building 1 desert pines ring building 4 tit moding 2 white city ring building 5 crafting potion post here
  17. A co takhle česky a slovensky, he?

    taky gratuluju:) pockej tome ty tam taky jednou skocis:)
  18. selling stor

    flowers:6 ogre toes¨ 138 blue berries 89 tree mushroom 23 daffodils 51 mullein 134 yarrow 1890 blue lupine 799 chrysanthemum 293 red rose 101 lilacs 1164 impatiens 696 tiger lilly 3806 sunflowers ores: 500gold ore 428 titanium ore minerals:1864 quartz¨ 1481 rose quartz Tools:515 gem sanding paper 5 hammer 23 leather gloves 62 pickaxe weapons:2 iron battle hammer 1 used JS 890 bones armor: 1 iron greaves 1 titanium chainmail potions: 14 coordonation 11 phy 13 vitality 9def 10att 11 reasoning 20 wildness
  19. selling stor

    Js is sold but greaves no pm me in game
  20. selling stor

    xenamt pm me ing game aoshi offer:)
  21. Selling/Auctioning TI set and NMT

    120k for tit set
  22. Selling coal and iron ore

    SOLD all
  23. selling....

    selling 1,8k sapphire,1,2k diamont,2k le pm me ingame or post here
  24. selling

    selling 5k sapphire(15kgc) and 10k(18kgc) coal ,pm me pleas or post here