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  1. unban

    hi would request me to unblock ip char joskyc and we had a lot of it is long since I've blocked from my mistakes and I have learned and I'm not going to do any problem please unlock me and char ip advance thank you very
  2. ban

    Hi May I ask why I have IP ban? him I'd had it after the new year, I was unblocked I played 2 months and I know if I violated any rules thanks for the reply joskyc
  3. hellou

    hellou pls i have ip ban...pls unlock pls,,it's a long time and I'd like to return to the game, thank you
  4. Selling OSOMN

  5. ban

    will my char anytime unban?
  6. ban

    ok is ti 3 mouth i was locked pls now unban xeron
  7. ban

    pls unban me now i am instructions my error pls unban me ty:(
  8. ban

    oi aislinn pls i need only answer if unlocked xeron or no ty for answer
  9. ban

    ??pls unban me
  10. ban

    pls unlocked me i promise so catch me...pls i like eternal lands i play him 3 year and frirst troubles when i play only 6 mouth pls unban me tyvm and i now read it i speak wrong eng sryy fo it pls unban
  11. ban

    srry now i ban 1 mouth pls unban xeron tyvm:)
  12. ban

    hey ok i read it pls unban xeron ty.
  13. ban

    xeron have ban consecutively or any time???pls
  14. ban

    ah ok:( i am sorry i catch me it stand:) pls unban xeron