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  1. New interface

    I didn't know about the hotkeys until today. But believe me, I'll be looking into them tonight!
  2. MM Cape or Perk?

    Positive Perks: Cloak or Perk? For new players who are still getting familiar with the game I suggest getting the perk. True, this does use up pick points, but in the early stages of a characters life this is much easier than buying a cloak or risk it being damaged. It seems that many (if not all) new characters will probably reset at one time or another. At that time they can decide wether the perk is right for them. For experienced players, I suggest a strong consideration based on your favorite skills and HOW you play. Example: If you are an alcher, the harv perk may be good b/c it frees up a couple of emu and you never have to remember to get the cloak before hitting the mines. If you find that you are always hungry for pick points, then going perkless might be the best for you. I don't see that this question has jus ONE answer. Moreso, the answer varies on the player and their experience level.
  3. Hmmm.... I spend quite a bit of time at the Portland fruit stand usually while helping out on #jc 1. And I have to disagree. It has taken me nearly 3 months to get to my harvest level (I believe 41). If anything, it can (and does) help me with some spending cash. But as anyone knows, it is hard to get rich at the fruit stand, even spending a few hours a day there. You might want to check out the www.eternal-lands.com website and the link for the top 50 players. You'll find that, though impressive, Harvesting does not reach the higher levels that some other skills do (attack and defense come to mind).
  4. Definition of some offtopic

    Marantz, you were not misquoted. If you want to state that your statement was taken out of context, you might have a case. However, if they quoted you without editing that phrase, then it is a valid quote.
  5. The New Systems

    I'm not going to lie... I would LOVE to level up quickly and be an all-powerful GOD in EL. But come on guys... what's wrong with a challenge? So they slowed down a few of the skills. Do you play this game only to level up? And if not, does it matter? If it takes longer to make LEs or HEs (or for that matter anything) then charge more for it. Many of you have complained that fighters are too rich. Well, here's your chance to get some of that money. I also understand that the forums are for the sharing of ideas (good and bad) but perhaps we can all try out the new system for a week or two before jumping to conclusions about how "bad" something is.
  6. New Stuff..

    kl4Uz, you have anything nice to say ever? And btw... horses can travel by boat IRL... wether it will be an option in the game though...
  7. Update.

    wow teh banned 0n3na... now THAT was funny!
  8. Question About Godless

    Why Reset if you want to do the attack god quest again? Just tell the god you don't want to serve him anymore... then tell him you want to serve him again That way you don't lose all your attributes/nexuses during the reset
  9. Guild [free]

    That's not true... you replied to yourself.
  10. Mods

    You all run into players that should be banned all the time? I'm not talking about scammers or annoying people, but players that have legitamitly done something that the game says is bannable. All the time? Somehow I find that extremely hard to believe. Either they all leave me alone or you must attract them.
  11. New Npc's

    You can buy / sell most of the day-to-day things through the various merchants in the game. And for the most part they're not that hard to get to. For everything else (including rare things) the market channel does a pretty good job. And with the game creators altering Trik to buy even LESS items, I have a feeling the game creators are not going to create some uber buyer/seller.
  12. Mods

    Perhaps I should rephrase. I'm sure that the NHs and Mods come across problems all day long. Especially with everyone in the game acting as additional eyes/ears to report abuses. But I don't think the average player comes across them that often.
  13. Just A Thought....

    It's been a while, but there was a guild that acted as a "police action" from time to time. I wish I can remember the names of the players but I'm absolutely horrible at names. Maybe the rangers? I remember Mono was part of that guild... it's been too long since they were with us. Anyway, I remember them guarding tournaments and making sure everyone played nicely on occassion. If a guild of high ranking players could team together... well, it would be a start
  14. Mods

    As far as I know, Noob Helpers don't have a lot of power anyway. I mean, there is a bit of honor and recognition of their hard work, but it's not like they can enforce everything. I suggest learning how to get along with others. Sure there are scammers and spammers and bridge blockers, etc.... but do you REALLY come across that many? And if so, can it be you? I mean, I've played for nearly a year and I rarely come across people acting so bad that they need to be banned or anything.
  15. Guilds

    Well spoke Wolf_Lord / NeoSeS I remember working with another "noob" as we tried to gather the money and advance our levels just so we could start our own guild. And we were both noobs at the time. And from that guild sprung some great members of the EL community.
  16. Mods

    I think you miss the point Master Templar... it's not really a position that you just stand up and shout "see me! see me! I'm helping noobs!" In fact, if that's the only reason you're doing it (to become a noob helper or mod) I doubt you'll get it. If, instead, you really enjoy helping them, I would suggest Beam, Wraith or Channel 1.
  17. Just A Question...

    I often sit at the fruit stand for hours PMing people and helping on channel 1. At the same time I harvest fruits and veggies for gold and xp. As long as you don't do something like this while being AFK, it's ok.
  18. Guilds

    I admit there are a ton of guilds but what does it matter. For the most part the "noob" guilds are quiet. With a low number of players they hardly make any noise. And some of them have gone on to be major players and guilds in the game. Plus, it allows the noobs to feel like they belong. This is suppose to be FUN not elitist. And just in case you're wondering, I've had numerous characters in the nearly 1 year since I've played. Most of them have been at or near level 60, but I have found some of the most refreshing people to be those under level 30.
  19. Forums

    And the phpBB2 needs to be on a PHP server as well. If you're on an ASP server you won't be able to use it. But it is a nice forum structure if you decide to use it.
  20. How Do I Get It

    I haven't done it on this type of forum before, but if you have the file saved to your hard drive (i.e. ELpic.bmp) you should be able to insert it with the "IMG" button when starting / replying to a thread. The other way would be to upload the picture to a site like photobucket.com and reference the picture as an URL link. Either way, do us all a favor and try to keep the picture file size down so it doesn't take forever to load. If you can, DON'T save in BMP format as it can be quite large even for simple pictures. And of course, make sure this will be worthwhile. As much trouble as your having with this screen grab / picture post, I just hope it is worth it by the time you get the picture on the forums.
  21. How Do I Take Screenshots

    The PrtScr button is like hitting Ctrl-C in a word processor. PrtScrn just tells the computer to copy the image(s) on the screen. You must then go to a graphics program (in Windows there is a crappy program called PAINT that is free). Open the program up, click on to the drawing area and hit Ctrl-V (or go to the PASTE icon). Boom! Your screen grab is now on the drawing board and you can save it to a file or make minor edits.
  22. Do things in game? You mean we can't just let it play itself while we're watching TV or talking with our friends? It this game a jip or what! I want a game where it plays itself but only I become the best character and can kill other characters and only I have all the best stuff. Yeah
  23. El Versus Rs

    I haven't played RS, but I have tried out several of the other games currently out there. And if it was my game, I'd make changes to Eternal Lands (hell, who wouldn't? everyone has their own opinion on how it should be). But what I like most about this game, and why I continue to play after 9+ months is the communications. EL makes it so easy to talk to people and channels and the community (although always in flux) has remained awesome. From players like Lotharion when I first started to Drouija who I've only just met and *SO* many in between, this is still my favorite game to play.
  24. Oldschools And Waht Happened To Them.

    Wow... Maggi... there's a name I haven't heard in a LONG time. I never talked with you, but I do remember seeing you around. Lotharion when you come back, do you HAVE to bring back the hat? I'm so sick of hearing about that damn hat. But if you insist, you'll be happy to know that now the one hat has accessories. You might want to introduce the One Hat to the Two Fur Boots.
  25. Mods Look To This!

    You want him unbanned? Are you telling all of us that he honestly thought that "fuckevery1" would be allowed in the game? And if you are telling us that, then do we want a player who thinks that should be legal back in the game?