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  1. B-day

    nice life
  2. Congratulations.

    Kissing ass won't get you your helper position back kid.
  3. Just starting

    I know an idiot, his post is above this one.
  4. Paying to play

    Remember when you were full on for P2P? Finally came to the realization your game sucks eh?
  5. Crowds at storage

    You assume they are afk because they didn't respond to you? If I was there I wouldn't respond to a dumbass such as yourself.
  6. Just starting

    Does anyone try to play this game anymore, or do they all find out exactly what to do before playing?
  7. Bans.... a certain guild.....

    aka you want to be an attention whore?
  8. Whats a really cool game?

    www.infantryonline.com Yes it is part of a three game pay to play package.
  9. fight for your religion

    Southern baptist? Worst denomination ever!
  10. Buying doom cape:( a guy stole my other

    rofl his account got hacked?
  11. Make a Super Saiyan mode.
  12. Who is the sexiest dwarf in EL?

    Offtopic Conversation Talk here about NON Eternal Lands related things.
  13. B_O_B

    He sounds hot.
  14. ip adress blocked

    I'll double your pay if you do it again.