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  1. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    I work DAMN hard for a living in real life and resent ANYONE suggesting otherwise! I have the callouses, scars, and daily sore back to prove it. I'm at best a part time EL player, and if you read any of my other posts, I'm recommending limiting concurent connections. How the hell do you get an army of 50 alts that way? I thought you of all people, an as an apparent long time player would be above insulting someone. Guess I said enough in this thread.
  2. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    There are an equal number of ways to make the Anti perk painful again as there are ways to get around it. For one replace all of the ship/map flags with an NPC. Anti holders would need rings/magic/ess to go anywhere. Not really recommending that. Just pointing out that if one element of gameplay changes, others will have to change as well. The game is still in Beta, and there are some smart cookies doing the dev work... The alt harvesting all of the money for nexus removal still has to actually DO the harvesting. The Player worked for the money....
  3. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    You have the patience/time/knowlege to level an alt, find, and harvest the valuable resources that you would give to your main. IMO, the economy is about people who will go through the effort, selling to the people who wont. With all of the events during harvesting, the harvester still has to do the work to get the resources, and carry them. In other words, if I have an alt muling ore, the alt is still ME, harvesting and carrying. I think the time would be better spent talking to players and finding the automated clients and macros. Just my two cents
  4. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    I don't understand why so many people that are screaming "ahhhh 50 alts ruin game" when the number of concurrent connections could be limited to 2 or 3 to solve that....
  5. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Yes with limitations. Limit the number of concurrent alts by IP. Something sane like 2. I'm not saying limit the number of alts that can be owned. Everyone has a pile of them. Just limit the concurrent server connections to 2 or whatever makes sense. If it's done automatically, Aislinn is free from ban hammer duty. She could spend her time much more effectively chasing macroers or automated clients. That's the real danger to the economy imo. I have an all rounder for a main. I started a fighter only. It would be nice to give him some stuff to get started. Same person doing all the hard work. I earned the items or the skills to make them. If I have a mule on and an alch'er, I'm still tending to both of them... EDIT: As an aside, I don't endorse any kind of macroing or automated clients. Keep rule 5 and amend it.
  6. Optional change to Pathfinding

    That would have an interesting "busy streets" sort of effect. I've seen something similar implemented for fake AI. Instead of physically limiting the pathway though, there are different types of invisible tokens dotted along the center of the path that the AI has an affinity for. It would require a new object as a token, edits to all of the maps to place the tokens, changes to the pathfinder code, and of course, a million other things I haven't thought of. Teh God is messing around with that stuff now though...
  7. KillBot Arena Event

    Sorry, worded that a bit vague. I agree completely , but how do you *know* it's a bot and not someone running bot code and fiddling with it during the competition? The spirit of the event would be coder vs coder with entertainment for all. I think they would have to run on a hands off box somewhere unless someone has an alternate idea... I'd love to get hacking on a fight bot
  8. Occasional special event(s). Have 2 kill bots spawn in an arena and fight it out. No drops. Different guild map could be host and arena for each event? New temporary event NPC could take bets on winner, or sell passes to event (fairly expensive.) x amount of gc for bot entry fee. x amount of gc for spectator fee. x amount of $$ for "Fight Bot" class bot or pass to participate for the season. Winning kill bot owner splits entry pass fees and/or portion of bets with hosting guild and/or bragging rights. Arena would simply be an array of X-Y coords that the bots would be limited to. Regular players caught stepping on arena grid (or border) get beamed straight to underworld. Could be held in conjunction with a real PK arena type events? Maybe have someone do color commentary in event channel? A Mod makes sure there is no interference from spectators. Moves NPC to correct location pre-fight. Announce fight. Kill rouge/haywire bots before they kill everyone Someone somewhere must have a "swiss army knife" type bot to keep win/loss standings for the season and advertise next fight occasionally. Championship at end of season. One issue is that a partially automated fight bot would be hard to detect and might have a big advantage. Maybe have a box somewhere in EL land to host the fight bots?
  9. is it the sun?

    I used to have a similar problem. For some reason, some of the bitmapped fonts were being displayed on the sky, and as reflections in ponds. One day, items were showing instead of fonts (pots, gc, swords etc.) Really creepy looking. Went away after a graphics card update (ati raedon 9500/9700)
  10. I had an idea triggered by Hadassah calling me a "Shape Shifter" because of my alt's name (Cube.) A keypress (or spell perhaps...?) that would (with some sort of eyecandy display) morph you to an alt char. -Inventory/clothing/weapons/nametag/health/etc.. would change to whatever the 2nd char has. -4 slot non wearable common inventory for stuff like GC or valuables (yes, I'm aware that this is currently illegal as multiplaying.) -Delay before it could be cast again (1 min?, once per hour?) -Alt selection would be permanent or difficult to change (only 1 allowed) I understand that this could be abused in a multitude of ways, and would need a bunch of thought to prevent illegal abuses. Some of the legal abuses could get interesting however... P.S. Yes, I know Roja has said that shapeshifting is coming... This is a somewhat incomplete idea that I wanted to throw out for discussion.
  11. Crossed Fingers

    Edit/update: Every now and then I am just amazed at the generosity and kindness of EL players. I dunno what to say, so I'll keep it simple: I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Cthulhu of LNX for giving me a replacement COL. For the past 3 days I've been helping out a friend who owns a masonry company. Lugging wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of loam, stone, and wet concrete around. Last night, exausted and with more blisters than I've ever seen, I took an ice cold shower and settled in in front of my computer to lug a few really light loads of Ti in Willowvine. I'm not sure how long I was logged in for, but at some point I fell sound asleep. My girlfriend woke me up and steered me to bed. This morning I woke up, and headed out the door for more real life punishment.... all the while forgetting that I was still logged in. This evening I noticed that I was still logged in, in the under world, missing my COL (that I've only had for 3 weeks or so), and beloved powersaving cape (a gift very early in my EL life.) I'm posting here in the hope that MAYBE someone who does return bags and did not know who it belonged to found it near the Ti in the cave... I dunno why I didn't have my rosto... I usually carry it whenever I wear the COL...
  12. radon pouches idea

    Love the event and perk idea, but not terribly useful while mining (usually.) Maybe use the collected radon gas to manufacture a stone/medallion that gives the "I glow in the dark" perk. Empty vials catch the gas...? 10 vials radon gas + 1 serp stone + 1 Titanium bar = "Medallion/Stone of Radiance". High break rate during combat, and when it breaks, it deals 10 radon gas events worth of damage? Mix and match ingred, I just pulled those out of the air.... For ONCE people would be hoping something would break
  13. CVS gfx issues under linux

    Very old Sony Multiscan 300sf (20") Same problem, very dark. I usually have to jack the gamma up too... I'll try my 17" when I have a chance...
  14. Windowed bug(?)

    I had a similar issue. EL would not let go of the mouse. Middle mouse button would occasionally "stick". I haven't had the problem since I upgraded from an ATI Raedon 9500/9700 to an Nvidia 6200. I'll update the thread if I do ever have the problem, but I'm fairly sure that the ATI was responsible. The exact same behaviour would occur in windows or linux on the same machine. P.S. as of the card swap, I don't get all of the click errors that I used to get (click here, go there kind of stuff...)
  15. All looks well except for maybe a control(?) char(s) showing up before each colored name. Example: â¹Taliesin @ 3]: Selling: 105 leather (8gc each), 5 raw meat (5.5gc each), 120 potions of spirit restoration (15gc each), PM me for other items! Could be my editor or something.... Gedit running under Ubuntu. <CR><LF> vs \n maybe? Just posting it in case anyone else has the same issue. The answer will probably follow from myself or someone quicker to the draw ;-)