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  1. Old EL Screenshots.

    hehe, look what i found http://www.freewebs.com/eternal_wolves/events.htm *sniff* this made me cry what's up guys
  2. Well i like old times more because of old community, not old game features or something. Meep
  3. Srbija!

    Pozdrav drugari
  4. Aki

    You too my friend
  5. What Guild?

    Wolves. Awwwwoooo!!
  6. Remember Me?

    Yes he is. btw what's up ska biach
  7. Eternal Wolves

    Thank you
  8. Oldschools And Waht Happened To Them.

    Hey girl, what's up
  9. Eternal Wolves

    Damn, i knew that i should've remade wolves before i leave, o well
  10. Watch Out For Shasso

    Take care bro
  11. Eldwen Gone For Good Finally!

    Well i can use this topic too because i'm sure i'm not coming back. It was fun guys, i have made a lot of friends here, the only reason i was playing el was because of them. I'm gonna miss you all, be happy, good luck and "Whatever you are, be a good one".
  12. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    I'll be on the first central zone pvp server, horde side, same name.
  13. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    O yeah btw, when u are making items, there is a button called "create all" , it means that you are gonna make items as long as you have ingrediants without constantly clicking create,create,create...