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  1. Can I use my stories on another site?

    As of yet I haven't posted them on any other sites. The stories are based on my Characters journey through EL, there are some references to the Curse of Mortos etc in them. Perhaps when posting I could add a 'based on the stories and concepts of Eternal Lands' underneath them?
  2. Wasn't sure where to put this sorry. I'd like to publish my Terrorgrim Stories on another forum, I just wanted assurance that in doing so I wouldn't be breaking the writers agreement or stepping on any toes, there's a chance I could make some money out of em. ALSO: Any budding writers out there, whatever your subject, I suggest you check out Helium it's a fantatic site!
  3. Wild Dragon

    Exactly, say the Dragons appears maybe two or three times a week? In one of three or four maps on C2. The events will be too rare to scare people away for good. And if the Dragon only picks one person to kill and then flys away it wouldn't be too bad....just bad enough to keep you looking over your shoulder! If it's in popular areas, even better! It means more people will be affected ie: Adrenaline rush, false alarms by players. Suspense and wonder lol
  4. Wild Dragon

    As opposed to the tame, domesticated dragon in the game? Lol, as opposed to one hiding in the cave. Wild as in it roams freely.
  5. Wild Dragon

    A thought just came to me and I think it sounds like a good idea. I'd like to see a wild dragon. I know there's a baby dragon planned in the update. But a fully grown one that randomly flys around some of the maps. Just the one, but you don't know where it'll turn up until you see the shadow of it flying overhead. Maybe over three or four of the maps in C2? Obviously this would be dangerous to anyone nearby. But it'd certainly keep people on there toes, and creat a little more excitement as any activity within the chosen maps would be that more dangerous. What does everyone think?
  6. Another three word story :D

    ...rubbing his eyes...
  7. City building

    Ok so it'll cost a pretty penny to buy the land, fair enough. But how much will it cost to actually build a house? Will it be bought, like a mortgage? Rented property or your own piece of EL outright? I think the latter would be best from a players POV. And then this begs the question....what are a advantages/functions of the houses? Can you lock your door? Will there be harvestable items inside? Maybe your very own storage chest (connected to storage, I think this would appeal to almost everyone). So many ideas, so little time! Any ideas?
  8. City building

    I love this idea!! This is just the sort of thing I've been waiting to hear! One question, along with the mayor, will there be some sort of council of government to govern the city? Afterall, that much power in on persons hands will need keeping in line. I think the idea of some sort or council will keep things fairer, after all, with power comes corruption. Fantastic idea! Will be eagerly waiting for developments
  9. Terrorgrim

    Thanks for the info Cyprom. For the last part I need to refer to other guilds quite heavily, Bane would fit in well to this. Also a few more if poss to set the tone for the 'skirmish' that'll take place. Any volunteers?
  10. Terrorgrim

    Note to readers: All characters used in the writing of this story have given their express persmission to do so. Either on Forum or in Game. I have done my utmost to treat these characters with respect and use them responsibly in writing this story. - Oh and thanks to all who have been a part of this tale! Part III below, the final part will follow shortly! Happy reading!
  11. Freya bot problem

    I personally would have said that the overall responsibility lies with the bot owner. The players are the ones to create the bots, as well as being responsible for keeping them running, making purchases etc. Doesn't that mean that the player's should get priority over said bots? Simply adding a prefix to the bot name such as B_ would suffice, or perhaps even shop_ or trade_ if the bot is there for that purpose? EDIT: Long and short of it, the game is for the PLAYER and not the BOT. Players should be free to choose their name without worry of spam from a bot's custom. I don't see the harm in adding a short B_ to the beginning of a bot name. It would save players a lot of hassle if this became common practice
  12. The Lay of the Grandmasters way

    I like it. This intro definately tells of a much deeper plot, I can't wait to see where it goes. It's great to see mages/the magic school finally fleshed out for once! Keep going!
  13. My introduction.

    Too right! I've become a serious Tolkien junkie over the last couple of weeks, before that it was phillip pullman, thomas harris and mario puzo. Believe me it doesn't matter what genre you're writing in. You find your favourite authors and you can't help but feel their influence, that's the same for all...even those who aren't prepared to admit it! Keep it up, you're young but there is a talent there that is still developing. The fact that you have such a desire to write speaks volumes! You've already shown that you're prepared to take other's criticisms, which is more than some. Find a style comfortable to you and go with it, practice makes perfect, work at it and you'll get there!
  14. The Lay of the Grandmasters way

    This sounds like it has the potential to be a really interesting story and I for one want to hear the tale that you have to tell. Can't wait to see the first draft!!
  15. Fall of the forest

    Thanks Roja, hope I can do another for ya sumtime!