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  1. Unban

    i use 1 only
  2. Unban

    Both have filed applications to the guild ^ @ ^. Our applications are there so you can see the 2 players were not one person. I wrote with my brother's account.
  3. Unban

    Dark_ghost is my brother. I (milo_pl) did not use any aid to the game, but that we played with a single ip time we got the ban. Can you unlock Milo_PL. Dark_Ghost only used the aid to the game. I did not know about it until the time when shown the red string of ip ban.
  4. Unban

    Hi, my ingame nick is Dark_ghost, I was banned about 3 years ago. I want to ask you to unban me and add me to white list. I swear I will never brake any rule again.
  5. Ban IP

    I didn't nake any bots, it was my older brother. He doesn't live with my and my parents anymore, and he will not play again in EL. He said that he can change my IP, but I want to "legally" return to the game. I don't even know how to make a bots!
  6. Ban IP

    Hello! Two weeks and no answer Please.
  7. Ban IP

  8. Ban IP

    Helo, I'd like to ask you for my IP's un-ban. My older brother used to play that game and we got ban. He moved out and I'd love to play it because there's no better on-line game than EL. He used my character and others as well. Mine was "Dark Ghost" Please consider my request, yours faithfully Mateusz. I promise no more braking the rules from this ip.
  9. Ban IP

    Please :/
  10. Ban IP

    Please write back.
  11. Ban IP

    Ip and chars
  12. Ban IP

    Hello, I've this same IP with my brother, today we asked two mods about bots and our IP was banned for this, would you tell me why? We play on 2 PCs, and never do something bad...to? My nick is Dark_Ghost My brother nick is Milo_PL