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    History, archaeology and latvian folklore.
  1. Itilli has no portrait.

    Itilli has no portrait in the dialogue window.
  2. Can't eat bread

    I did see the cooldown message. But why didn't the bread disappear after the cooldown was over and I "used" it?
  3. Can't eat bread

    While on Isla Prima I picked up a bread from the ground. I used the "use" button on it. It did have the cooldown but didn't dissapear from my inventory and didn't give me any more food points. After I droped it and picked it up again it worked as normal.
  4. Crash to desktop after #suicide

    While eating Red Toadstools I got poisoned. So I decided to do a #suicide. I got the death message. The map loading bar got full and then the game crashed to desktop. I guess this is a bug.
  5. What other MMORPGs do you play?

    There are quite a few nice MUDs out there. Try www.ironrealms.com
  6. Musicians?

    I play the stabule and the kokle (both are latvian folk instruments). I also do a little bit of singing. And I'm planning on buying bagpipes.