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  1. The Cooldown Bitch Thread

    its always interesting to see people bitch about something.. but seriously.. if you dont like an update, try to adapt to it, i adapted nicely simply because all i do is eat a veggie and read
  2. Cooldown log

    hehe, i'm not effected by the cooldown things -_- all i do is sit and eat anywho lol, so i got nothing much to say about it, but from what i heard from people, it seems like they cant mass produce certain things very fast anymore, and trying to escape in the PK area's is also a bust. But good thing for me i'm not effected at all lol oh nice to see you again Entropy, its been a while it has.
  3. Making it official

    jenny is back things have sure turned around a lot :\ for one... the runescape faces lol: :axeman_rune: :battleaxe: :battleaxe_rune: :pickaxe_rune: i forgot to add that welcome back good to be able to talk to you again
  4. Tumaros declares WAR on EL

    LOL! RUN! HE HAS SUPER BAD GOVERNING SKILLS! (maybe tuma can win <_<)
  5. New member

    if thats the case... then its my fault lol, i always use google to get here.. and i always wind up having to re-log into the forums lol
  6. You are cordially invited...

    tried her service... it failed me worse than me baking cookies :shame:
  7. freaky things on word

    erm... don't look at me... *hides behind a runescape building* :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune:
  8. You are cordially invited...

    not to be mean and all... but what is the point of getting married in EL? you will break up anywho (strictly because i've had about 2 GF's online and they dumped me within the hour :shame: )
  9. freaky things on word

    okay i'm pretty sure more than half the people that play EL heard about the World Trade Centers falling to terrorists, which happened like what... 4 years ago? okay well just try this okay, it'll freak a lot of you out if you haven't already done it: Open up a blank Word document. 2. Type in Q33 NY in capitals (this is the flight number of the 1st plane to hit the WTC)(worldtradecenter) 3. Highlight it. 4. Change the font size to 48. 5. Change the actual font to wingdings (1). i did it... got freaked out is it a sign?
  10. Omg I almost got scammed today!

    likewise i tried that before anywho it doesn't work
  11. Rtcw

    you guys make me sick with your talk about pure ownage =\ i've taken on 8 people with only me and my dad on one team, and them on the other, we won... thats true ownage... you better be good if you want to stand even the slightest chance agaisnt me
  12. Hello From Guildwars

    why are you at my cross roads? :\ and jkk! i'll be getting guild wars soon
  13. What Animal Are You?

    oh my o.O im a unicorn o.O meep O.O
  14. Bring The Ants Back To A Non-pk Map For Anthill?

    you gotta give Ants credit for being around! 20 i voted for!
  15. Janemuffin Cloak

    can you guys make something with... well something that explains me in a picture