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  1. Artwork Updates

    wont that just b the same as paralising for afew turns like the large spiders? most likely, with a option gray skin on the character or something like that
  2. Artwork Updates

    interesting bird. will it have a special attack that turn people to stone? and it seems the skin on it is done a bit "cell shadeded" or comic book like if you will... btw, whats the chance of it dropping feathers when it dies, and people can use them to make items with feathers on them?
  3. Honey Bomb

    i could have sworn its the bees that do the kamakazie thing...
  4. To Death We Serve

    hmm, kinda like some large underground necropolis? (heroes of might and magic ) drop down maybe 3-4 levels of cave and come out in some underground city with caves on all sides filled with undeads and more just dont name it underdark...
  5. New playable race unveiled!

    hmm, how about a man lobster crossbreed? manster? sounds like something out of the old computer game "x-com: terror from the deep"
  6. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    this one gets my vote. i was thinking of the title "channeling" but either way i like it
  7. You got skillz?

    none, because the one skill i want to do i so old school its "broken"...
  8. More for true mage

    2. a change in the inner workings of the skill so that it becomes "recommended level" based, similar to the other skills. right now its the only skill that have the old style "required level" system... it has a required lvl b/c you dont lose the ing when you cast and fail, i dont want to see it change otherwise it would cost even more to lvl the skill. the curent magic system (partaining to the lvls) is perfect how it is in my opinion. have entropy, roja or similar stated this at some point? remember that its only on a critical failure that you loose stuff, and it could be fully possible to have critical failures of spells to whole other things then make you loose stuff. btw, sigil prices is that only prices that stayed put when they reset the economy way back. and that is felt. while i had no problem grabbing all the sigils before the reset, i have to go harvest crazy to gain even one of them, much less all of them... and the reason magic is so expensive is that you cant make any kind of money at all while using said skill. maybe except healing someone for payment, but its much simpler for people to just grab a potion to do the same, and they will always have it handy...
  9. More for true mage

    im not sure its that way by design, all i know is that entropy didnt want the all powerful wizards to rule the game... i would like to see two things for magic. 1. some way to make money while training said skill. 2. a change in the inner workings of the skill so that it becomes "recommended level" based, similar to the other skills. right now its the only skill that have the old style "required level" system... but its o so much simpler to trow in new items and stuff, so it seems that EL is walking into the same trap as the rest of the mmorpgs. new toys for the equipment based skills/classes, not so for the rest...
  10. pack rat perk

    hmm, makes me think of how wizards are dressed in the D&D art lately. clothes that have very many pockets having pants and shirt that was covered in pockets would be a interesting vision in-game then produce some items for the spellcasters out there that allow them to access essences from their storage for spellcasting reasons (jewelry, gloves and held items maybe?). as in, provide items that mark you as some kind of "profession", and provides aid in doing said profession.
  11. Wizard's Axe

    that require the caster to be what level? and it not only requires magic skill, but alchemy skill as well... btw, thats another problem with magic, its the only skill that still require the skill to be at level x before you can even attempt something. all in all the magic skill is a anachronism...
  12. Wizard's Axe

    nice to see someone work on providing something for magic users. but what is realy needed is for some way to make money while training magic. with the ability to turn summonings into "items" even summoners have some way to make money on their main skill. magic users do not...
  13. pack rat perk

    the issue of what happens when a item is taken on or off is partially why i wanted to go perk. the other is that by making it a perk one have something to spend points on that do not make you more fighting buff at the same time. like say a magican that wants to spend all his points on pumping mana related stats. right now its a no go as you have to be able to carry all your essences. by having yet another item it will just add to the already well equipped fighters and similar. with it being a perk, people have to think about it a bit more. now they just stack on for dear life...
  14. we all know that talk about people bulking up like the hulk just to get that extra carrying capacity for items. what if one where to introduce a perk that gives a bigger increase in EMU then a similar point use in EMU related stats would give? play around with the idea