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  1. what are youll listening to right now?`

    Sad to say, I'm listening to anime music right now...:oops: Azumanga Daioh opening and closing them, Naruto opening theme 1st and 2nd (it changes every 26 episodes) and closing theme 1st and 3rd. Threw in some outkast, don't know why :?
  2. Olny psot if you can raed tihs

    You can't change 2 or three letter words ent, under the logic of the first post... Wiat, liogc?
  3. Best Console

    Can't argue with that, after all they are all in it for the money. They use final fantasy cause its gonna sell even if its BMXXX. But Xbox isn't the only system to do this, I have a old Dragon Quest 7 game. While Xbox does have a lot of cheap games, its not the only game to have them. And there are chocobo's in games other than FF7?!?!?!
  4. Best Console

    If anything, they aren't. Hmmm, how long have doom 3, ninja gaiden, fable, Half Life 2, Halo 2, been in production? PS2 games are more sequal based, espicially since they market to Japan alot. (FF X-2? Come on folks, be a bit more original) Though Nintendo doesn't come up in ceversation enouogh for me to argue either way about it. Also, Halo sucks on my computer. I could spend $100 on a lower-mid level card, or leave the flame effects lasting for 2 seconds and after that they are invisible and I burn anyway. Just remember, this is a console war 8)
  5. Best Console

    I really doubt microsoft paid team ninja do make it, since they are only making Xbox games, what woult that be, a life contract? And for those of us who don't really make money, buying games is hard enough, let alone buying $200+ video cards. SUDEKI DEAD OR ALIVE: ONLINE FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR FABLE THIEF 3 DOOM 3 BC CONKER: LIVE AND UNCUT HALF_LIFE 2 Halo 2 JADE EMPIRE TRUE FANTASY LIVE All of these games are Xbox exclusive in the console world, all coming out this year, and all are going to be great. Also, they bought bungie, rare, have team ninja making only exclusives, and Bieware. Xbox is quality over quantity.
  6. AK1

    I've got a great idea... A retro rule that if you annoy a mod, god (entropy) can review the case and ban him perm! Or maybe just a vote among mods/NH's, meaning he would probably be banned instantly.
  7. Best Console

    There are alot of games that are good and on Xbox. Multi-system games are bset on Xbox because of graphics, otherwise they are around the same, so might was well get the best version, eh? Ninja Gaiden is the most reason good game, scoring 9.5's and up in almost all review site and mags.
  8. Best Console

    Never trust screenshots. They are, of course, the best images you will ever get in the game. Watch comercials for MMORPGs, and you'll see the obvious difference. While this might not be the case, I find it hard to believe a GC game looks better than all Xbox games. And there might be behind the scenes problems, like long load times or lots of small areas. Though it does look good. And there are gaming shows, that might be why he saw Halo 2 on TV.
  9. Best Console

    Well, lets just call Halo Xbox exclusive then. :wink: RE does look good, and I can't wait for the nwe splinter cell. And I haven't mentioned Halo before cause everyone loves it or hates it but everyone nows it, so its pointless to mention it really. And there is a mute command on Xbox. Also, its better than other online services I've seen. Its the best of the pay services I've seen, and Battle.net is the best of the free.
  10. Best Console

    well, you gotta love voice, espicially in FPS games. Nothing worse than stoping to type something and getting shot. Or being shot and not being abel to type where you are. And Xbox's can take a gun shot for a 9mm. Someone was playing it in the college dorm, and his roommate got mad. He took out his gu and the bullet boiunced off. Impressive, eh?
  11. Best Console

    I have no idea what that means. All games cost the same when they come out... What? If you think fable is the best game coming out on Xbox, there is no point argueing with you. It will be very good, but not the best. Also, by the end of the year, diversity and # of titles will no longer be an acceptable argument. The first isn't even really acceptable now (how many FPS?) but it does have RPGs. But X Box will have Fable and True Fantasy Online, so that will be diverse, along with other games that I can't remember (thief 3 maybe?) And as soon as the number of titles reaches a high enough number for all three systems, it doesn't really matter. Then it becomes the quality of games. Xbox has better online capabilities. Also, the Xbox is new. When PS came out, people didn't start praising it. They reacted the same why people are reacting about Xbox now. (you night not have meet these people, remember not all people are alike) Doa Ultimate is coming ouit for Xbox, on live. Thats more diverse than PS2. (they might have a game, but it sucks if they do)
  12. Best Console

    so? I can get GTA on Xbox, with better graphics too, so does that mean I shouldn't get a PS2? Plus, would you rather pay 200 for an X Box and have it last a couple of years, or $1000+ and have it last the same amount of time, with heavy matienece and buying new vid cards (if you need it)? My vid card sucks and a workable one would cost about half the price of an Xbox...
  13. Phantom?

    Whats everyone's opinion on the phantom? I really don't think that it will last, even though I would like to see it last. I read in one of the gaming sites that 3rd party wouldn't sign a deal with it because of the risk. And how would they get nintendo games? Nintendo may not make good business decisions, but that would be downright stupid to give phantom rights to thier games. Same thing with Microsoft. Sony game develpoers... meh don't care. Or maybe I read it wrong, and they are making thier own games. Then I really don't care, and it can burn in hell for all I care. Of course, all this is assuming this is real.
  14. Best Console

    That makes me laugh that you included that. The rest of your post was well done, but who cares if you have the original GTA? And wasn't sega GT on Xbox also? Maybe its not out yet, or not what you're talking about. I would actually play my dreamcast more than my PS2. Ahh, powerstone... And anyone who makes any arguments for PS2 being better than Xbox in any way shape or form after Halo 2 comes out is just being biased. Not that that game will be god (at least in everyone's opinion, in mine it will) but various other games will come out leaving all of the PS2 games coming out in the year look terrible. They have been listed on the first page, no need for me to go back over them. And for any of you people out there that watch the news and take whatever view they are supporting... Stop outsourcing, buy U.S. products! (Xbox) (this previous paragraph type thing, okay block of words, was meant as a joke) Plus, saying you can adjust to the PS2 controller is throughing any talk of controllers out the window, you can get used to anything if you enjoy the big picture.