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  1. Trassian beam in location

    I can see your points clearly and i can see this debate is going to fall on deaf ears. so with that said: End of debate/posting
  2. Trassian beam in location

    I dont wish too be rude to a nice lady BUT its clear you have not read my first post. Not every one has "beam me" and most dont carry extra essence or even a ring, so yes too me its forced.
  3. Trassian beam in location

    it will be for those that dont know the way, it will infuriate them. I know you say to explore but i say that beam location is a problem, the route i took, you have to go through a yeti cave. I agree with the explore bit, maybe some people need to do more of it but you cant force it upon them.
  4. Trassian beam in location

    I am not after "easy and convenient" because i like all that has been done to the game at present, i just think the trassian beam in location is going to cause problems but if thats where you want it, who am i to argue.
  5. I'm not sure if this have been mentioned as i cant see any other similiar posts. Some of the new beam location are brilliant but i found trassian to be a nightmare, you end up in Dra Syn. For those that are not map wise of the area they are going to end up in trouble. The only options of that map are: #beam me (to which is a pain and not every one has it) to walk (if you know the route) ring (if you are carrying one) tele to range (yet again if you are carrying extra ess) tele to portals (yet again if you are carrying extra) So this new location is going to cause problems and headaches, is there no chance of reverting it back to its original location?
  6. Pre RC 11

    Bingo, ty kindly Time to enjoy
  7. Pre RC 11

    All setting are as per install, water is 1
  8. Pre RC 11

    pre release seems fine with the exception of Palon Vertas, seriuose lag - 0-1 FPS Geforce FX 5200/AGP/SSE2/3dnow open GL = 2.0.3 hope this helps
  9. In Memoriam

    She will be missed deeply. My condolancy (SP) to the family, she was a sweet lady to know and a great friend in EL :'(
  10. Alkapone

    I rarely visit the forums but on this occasion I will speak for JusT. Paybackdude kept luring newbies to our map just to have them killed and his reason for this was because he got killed there. My answer to that is you should of took heed of the warning and left and stop being nosey. I thank Alkapone for his part in resolving this matter and the mods thatwere involved in the situation. And too wronges never make a right but i can see Korrods point.
  11. Attributes cap for the main server

    Yet again another not so brillian idea, if you start capping attributes off then what the hell is the point of having high level critters if you dont have the P+C to kill them? Yet again some one is thinking far too hard, this will only drive people from the game. I know of a close friend that is seriously thinking of going. So please stop thinking too dam hard.
  12. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    Just another point: you mean i am working my ass off for a cape thats going to be worth bugger all if you make it breakable? PSSS btw, those that voted yes, GET YOUR HEADS CHECK FAST
  13. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    I voted no as without the cape the game will get bloody expensive due to armour breaking all the while, so with this in mind it might push people out of the game and would you want that?
  14. God bug?

    Ent, I left the magic god by mistake and when i had all the items i redid the god quest but i also had the same problems all the way through, i had to close the window when i had told him i had the item(s).
  15. A "scan" bot

    Dont know if any one else has this fun but when you trying to find a bot that sells a item that your after, you spend time pm'ing each bot. What if there was one bot that "scans" all active bots and lists the item your after and there price and which bot it comes from. This may generate more bot interest and would save time than trying the pm all the bots.