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  1. So...

    TWENTY-TWO?! I think thats a bit exaggerated. I cant remember all the acc.s i have had,but i am pretty sure it was nowhere close to twentytwo. Im not saying That these are the only ones PERIOD,only the ones i can remember ever playing past about lvl 10,lol. BuLDOZR BULDOZR_is_BACK Tiny7 TINY_is_BACK Tinysniper etheral_slayer Teh_tank7 Thats about all 'i' can remember. Im sure your records have more,lol. I like this game a lot, and i would like to get on and play once more. Well,i wait your reply with much attentiveness. DoZR
  2. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I, BuLDOZR, have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement.
  3. The Merry Soul Tavern

    The inside of the tavern seemed to darken,and everyone felt a bit of a shock down there spine. Out of nowhere in the middle of the tavern a portal with a pentangle symbol and some other markings appeared. There was a flash,and there stood a Tall Man,Dressed in Black robes top to bottom.He was obviously a Mage of Sorts.Maybe one not to be trusted. He was holding a book,and looked as he was very interested in it. 'Hello all,name is BuLDOZR. Ive been lookin for a Chap of mine by the name of Grogan. Hes an Eager APprentice,and he hasnt been around to receive his Daily lesson. I tried to teleport him To my shop,but everytime i do..." He put his hands out in front of him,did some sign movments,and said "In-Ka-no-jojo-heim!" There was a red flash,and dust apperead from his hands. "He must be under a magic-deteriating Pentangle. But he would be able to espcape it if he could run some,for the center of the pentangle follows him. It is very slow though,and is invisible to the untrained eye. Perhaps he has something inhibiting his ability to move? bah,maybe hes just mad that i punished him for not casting a new spell of mine correctly. i Have many spells the other Magicians of our lands do not,suc as this..." He did some hand movements and gestures,and said 'rein-ka-ni-ni-va!' He pointed to a large lump of coins on the floor behind krakas and laughed a bit. 'so,has anyone seen grogan?' (this is my first one,so,go teh easyness.XD)
  4. So...

    Hi,its me,dozr,again. I been banned for....ooo...um....like...3-4+mnths now. Could i please get an unban? Thnxxx. DoZR
  5. (TinySniper)

    Hey,this is BuLDOZR. I was alerted by a mod,after i tryed numerous times to log in and had to use an alt,that TinySniper has been locked for,"Illegal Multi-Playing". I AINT MULTI-PLAYED. Period. I have used,and ONLY used, TinySniper for the Last couple of Months. I havent even Touched BuLDOZR for a good while. I have spent a lot of time and effort in him,and i would hate that he would be locked when i did nothing.>.< (ps,the only one i use now is TinySniper. My other alts are either: dead lost pass sold ???? I DUNNO!!!!) Thank ya for the time, BuLDOZR
  6. A modest proposal

    I like this idea a lot. I think People *like my self* Should be given a place where they are guarenteed to acctually get on an play. I would be more than happy to give 5$usd a year to use it as well.
  7. Looks like I'm here again

    "Etheral_slayer, tiny7, buldozr7, og_buldozr, etheral_slayer" Now,lemme tell you a lil sumthin,bub. ALL of these are MINE. I have no idea who you are,an i would advise you to Be careful whos name you use. ALL of these are mine,I made them all. I HAVE NEVER lived close to anyone who played EL besides myself.DONT YOU DARE use my name in trying to play again. Especially BuLDOZR7. That was my first acc. btw... Later, BuLDOZR
  8. *GK*

    Hello,My in-game name is TinySniper,the Co-GM of *GK*. We are a group of folks who jus' want to have a good time,and create a fun playing enviroment for others. No bjers,scammers,or outlaws are accepted.You can either Pm me,or vojozo in-game to join. Or,you can go to our forum and apply.Look for the guild applications,and apply there. http://tinysniper.forumco.com/forum~FORUM_ID~4.asp Go in Peace, Leave the Evil in Pieces.
  9. Book Sale

    book of troll,bear,orc,and cyc fighting... ill pay 1.7k? If yea,pm me in-game...i d unno when im on...sometimes.
  10. Sto clearing.

    Ill pay 3k for iron greaves?
  11. Selling camouflage cape

    Can u post a screeny?
  12. Aw crap...

    Hello, im Etheral slayer. Many of you know me by my alts,so there is no reason in sayin em. Ok,lately,my I think my IP range has been randomly banning around here...I Dont know of anyone who plays around here,and I dont think i have done anything bad lately...I have heard rumor of someone being able to pay to stay on something called a,"white" list? If it is possible,plz,tell me how much it costs,where i can get it,Who do I pay,and when I can start playing again without a 50/50 chance of playing. Its like every other day,my IP range(or w/e the friggin thing is called,i aint good with computers) is like,banned. I'd like to log on without the fear of NOT being able to log on because of what I did in the past... Come on now,w/b for me. Thank ya, BuLDOZR < I havent done anything in the last couple of years that involve: scamming Bjing Multi-playing Also,the only character i have used in the last month to 3 mnths Is TINYSNIPER. ONLY TinySniper.>
  13. Looks like I'm here again

    Hey,hey,hey,i got more names than that. TinySniper is now mine too. Buldozr,Etheral_slayer,BuLDOZR7,tiny7,Buldozr_is_back,Tiny_is_back...I reckon thats it...i killt tiny_is_b and sold b_i_b...sold E_S... and now my only active account is TinySniper or BuLDOZR. (I posted this too eliminate any more confusion of my name(s) in this topicZ.)
  14. GKEL

    Hello,The Golden Knights of Eternal Lands are recruiting.If you would like to apply VIA forum,go here: http://tinysniper.forumco.com/default.asp You must have one lvl 20+ not oa...cant have history in Outlwas,no Bjers,or scammers... XD
  15. im hostin the biggest party ever..

    Hmm...why isnt this thingy locked yet?... my bad,tt,meant to put cracker...Well,doesnt seem he'll be a problem anymore,now does it guyZ:DDD