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  1. 80's music!

    Heart need to be here to
  2. Things like that remind me that I really did enjoy the 70's
  3. RC3

    I had the same problum that Misery_Machine has in vista and xp pro crashing my video driver. I duel boot with linux and dident have any problum with my linux install crashing my video driver so i knew it had to be windows related. When i started using 1440x900 res. on my pc and changed my client to use the same resolution the problum went away. hope this helps in some way. I am running a AMD_64 with a nvidia 8600 GT PCIE video card. windows XP pro_64 and ubuntu 8.10_64 at this time have a good day Gary
  4. I'm in In game name clod forum name clod rl sex male
  5. History for the kids :)

    it would be nice to be so young
  6. i am having problems to the client starts and loads ok but it will not connect to the server i do have a error log Log started at 2007-06-03 20:31:07 localtime (Eastern Daylight Time) [20:31:08] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [20:31:08] Error: Can't open file "./tmp/temp000.dat" [20:31:08] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" [20:31:20] Client closed
  7. How old are you?