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    Usually scamming poor noobs out of items they know nothing of
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  1. donate for more contest please

    No1 is gonna give u stuff!
  2. Am I banned or is the server down

    oh crap, i remember you now..
  3. Am I banned or is the server down

    ............seems like a lovers fight.. no one interuppt them, they might start to make out.. this topic should be locked..
  4. Bell South Canada got a character creation ban

    too bad he ain't here..
  5. i am banned ?

    hmm... i never noticed you..
  6. Creating a new character

    when i create a character it looks weird, it has skins and stuff, so i have to just guess the colors. it's really messed up
  7. Ants

    learner, nice work, but one thing still bothers me. They have good potential. Maybe u can ask Entropy to provide them with like tit armor when they are super strong, then they can go pk, an army of pkers in a multiple pking map, even crus and mcmantis will have trouble. even if i have to, i will provide them with armor. How many are there?
  8. whoa!!!! that was killer! u should win the prize, did u copy that from somewhere? nice tho.. here is mine.. Once upon a time there was a magical place where it never rained... THE END
  9. Monster Drops

    lol, u get any tit items yet?
  10. i still shouldn't be banned 4 that tho
  11. i'm having trouble logging in