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  1. EL PRE RC (windows only)

    font problem
  2. EL PRE RC (windows only)

    ok few things name font 2 dosnt work also the advanced video tap extends out of the window OMG my FPS has gone up! while walking anyways. It goes down in a busy place. Normal client 60-61fps new client 70-75, 50-55 in a busy place
  3. Yet another school shooting

    Should have a vote to see if guns should be banned or not
  4. Team Speak Service

    Well we have had up to 14 people on teamspeak, and it dosnt seem to affeckt the game much if at all.
  5. Team Speak Service

    So any takers? Well i can assure you My teamspeak server is probly better and more reliable then alot of other ones out there, it has been running 7 days straightwithout going down (last time it whent down was a power outage). And for the cost of my power bill and bandwith i think 25kgc a mounth with one mounth free is pretty damn good.
  6. Team Speak Service

    Yes, my server is running a AMD Anthalon at 1200mhz running windows xp and i have a great internet connection. And i think 25kgc per month with one month free is a great deal.
  7. Whats your Rig?

    xbox360 named his server steven, my computer is named the jolly green giant and xbox360's main computer is the hulk.
  8. Problem with eye candy

    Could sombody post the link to dowload this client please? Also i am running a 7600GT getting 60-61 fps, and 4096 shadow mapping, so i would like to see what the fire does to that.
  9. Team Speak Service

    Ok the voice quality all depends on the persons microphone, my server is set to 25.9kbit. It dosnt cause any lag to EL. We are now offering a one month free service. Yes you can download it for free, but my server is a stand alone server meaning it rarely goes down. Also i can set the limit of people as high as you need it (skype is 7, i could make it 70).
  10. Team Speak Service

    Me and Xbox360 are now offering a Team Speak service. (Team Speak is a program that lets you voice chat to other people online, perfect for organizing guild events). Our service will get you your own Team Speak server, you will be able to make channels and register members, and much more. It will let you get to know your guild members better and organize better. Our service will cost you 25kgc per month. Contact me or Xbox360 in game for more info. **This is a non-official service, all questions and probelems should be directed to me or xbox360 NOT the Eternal-Lands staff**
  11. LLL advertisement

    Hey this is Shanglo from the guild lords & ladies of legend and i am here to try and get some new members. i dont have much to say but im hoping this should do the trick just fine plz do NOT give me any credit for this movie it was all done by Elg3neral a proud LLL member. plz apply at our forums as linked here. http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?Guil...mp;TabID=656051 thanx hope to see some of ya soon
  12. Actully i agree with masterpiter it will bring out the branchers and take alot of the fun from pking
  13. Eternal Lands client with EYE_CANDY and SFX

    I know i probly did somthing stupid but i downloaded this new client and it will not run becuse it seems to be missing DLL files.
  14. Whats the best tower for El [SOLVED]

    Cant wait, Im ready for it