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  1. Off any topic

    I got this from a video game: It was getting buggy (part of the video game): and the colonel was saying stupid things: I was a north american abagonieze moth in my past life, ahhh, those were the good ol' days, what were you in your past life? -------- Colonel: I - I didn't want to say this, seeing as how your in the middle of the mission and all. But - I saw a man leaving Rosemary's room last night and they looked - - Intimate, I - I shouldn't have said anything. -------- Colonel: Truth is I'm in some real financial troubles rights, you see I had no choice than to let you pay for dinner last night, since this divorce I've been paying my wife as well as other bills, I'm just a real mess right now. --------- Now keep in mind this is a espionage game.
  2. The Book of Legend

    Book 1: The Nocturne of Illusion This is a world that can only be dreamt of, it was at least, now it borders on nightmarish bastions, which now lurks in the depth of the abyss with a hellish truth. This is the eternity that we blessed and cursed upon our souls, I lay my hands and my swords so I hope you will listen as my story unfolds. Episode 1: The Prince of Dragons Have you heard the legendary tales of a warrior named Tiamat? - He was a great warrior and noble to a fault, he was forced to save his child from a dragon cub and had slain the cub… But in return the father of the cub came to earth to slay the one who had slain its cub. The dragon god Bahamut, rained his fiery wrath down on the living and only one person knew why, at the cost of his humanity he fought with the king of beasts to his failure, Bahamut cursed him to forever be menial and to forever be a dragon. Chapter 1: The Book of Legend : This town has much history to it; it smells great here even. I wonder where that smell is coming from. (There seems to be a pub over there, my best bet is that wonderful aroma is coming from within its humble exterior.) (Walk to Reca’s Pub) Reca: Hello, what can I do for you? : I would like to have whatever is smells so good. Reca: Oh, that would be the Lupine Broth… that is for someone else sorry… :oh, ok Reca: But I’d gladly make you some, it’s just that we need the ingredients. : Oh, and what would that be? Reca: Well of course a lupine, a piece of cooked meat, which we have here and red snapdragons stewed with two chrysanthemums… I think Flora could do that. : Where can I find Flora? Reca: Oh, she’s usually at home; just follow the road going north from here. : Ok I’ll be back soon. (Meets Flora) Flora: Oh a chrysanthemum; they grow on rocks by water on this island. If you bring a few back I’ll gladly brew some of them up for you, I was looking for some flowers too, so make sure to bring enough for yourself, also there are some other flowers on this island if you don’t mind could you gather them for me? : Yea, sure. (Flora again after flowers) ….. ( I just want some comment about the story flow, I’m not sure if EL still works in this flow but if it does then give me a comment about this. )
  3. Diablo III

    Wasnt baal killed and Diablo like killed too and mephisto um... killed as well and the err ultimate power destroyed by an arch angel... WT feck!?
  4. Before there was a topic about Iraq and so on, this is a article I found hope you anti - war ppl like it. As the United States of Capitalist Oppression continues its colonial occupation of Iraq, it is met with fierce resistance. The colonial enslavers have slaughtered more than 10,000 Iraqis with their bombing and repression, but the heroic resistance of the IRaqi people continues. Over 500 US and "allied" troops have been killed; more helicopters are shot down every week. For the exploited and oppressed around the world, continued Iraqi resistance is a very good thing. Our enemy is US imperialism, which must be driven out of IRaq, and defeated by the world's working people. In the face of continued struggle against the colonial occupies, doezens of US soldiers have gone AWOL (Absent without leave.) At bases in the US officers have fled from meetings with angry relatives and solders. The US finds itself in need of more recruits. As a result, the US has ordered a "temporary" increase in the sixe of the Army, and stepped up military recruiting on college campuses and high schools throughout the US. The cynically named Leave No Child Behind Act demands that colleges and high schools hand over student information to military recruiters, who are calling students at home, using infomation supplied by school administrations. They recruit on the basis of sweet promises, promising "a better future" to thousands of minority, working-class students, who are being driven out of schools because of tuition hikes and, now, TAP cuts. They try to con and pressure students to sign on to "see the world" through the riflescopes of the imperialist army, pointed point-blank against our class brothers and sisters around the world. "Undocumented" students are also feeling the brunt of this economic conscription to the military. They are herded off the schools and towards the battalions of capital. In 2001, while the US was waging an imperialist war in Afghanistan, the rulers hieghtened theif war against workers and minorities "at home." CUNY more than doubled tuition for "undocumented students," which meant purging thousands and pushing them towards birds of prey like the military recruiters. This January, 19 year old Luis Moreno, an undomumented student from the Dominican Republic livining in the Bronx, was recruited to the military immediately after graduating high school. Moreno had hoped to gain US citizenship to live the "American Dream." What he got was a body bag and an early burial. Mayor Bloomberg and other ruling-class politicians used Moreno's death as an opportunity for patriotic hot air, and citizenship was granted to his dead body. His mother told CNN that her "son was used as cannon fodder." In the Bronx students now think about the fate of Luis Moreno when they hear the military recruiters' phony promises. In the fall of 2003, at Bronx Community College the Revolutionary Reconstruction Club recieved heightened support from students for our efforts to drive military and police recruiters off campus, after an incident in the cafeteria recruitered insulted students who were having a discussion on the real reasons why the recruiters are here. The incident showed students the contempt military recruiters have towards those of us who expose the truth behind their sweet lies. This Feburary in Puerto Rico, as a result of mounting opposition to the imperialist occupation of Iraq, students took over the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) building at the University of Puerto Rico's (UPR) Mayaquez Campus, and painted anti war anti - ROTC murals on two of the outside walls. Most recently our struggle to deive military and cop recruits off the BCC campus has recieved daily Il Manifesto. In accord with the Trotskyite program put forward in The internationalist, El Internacionalista and Revolution, we struggle for the defeat of US imperialism, the defense of Iraq, and an international socialist revolution to put an end to imperialist oppression once and for all.
  5. Easter Eggs

    Does anyone know if theirs a easter egg for ME? if so what do I need to do to get it up? All I could find were 98 and XP.
  6. Super Heros

    People say that superman sucks, I know for a fact they toned superman down so that other heros had a chance against him. Ever remember the old comic of superman sending tuns of food to countries all over the world then at the end some militia sends a nuke at him which explodes and lights up the sky, his shirt was ripped after the dust cleared and the food vaporized but thats about it. Super man was the 1940's Goku. Now-a-days I saw a episode of superman where a chunk of street fell he scrambles to catch it which he does but looks like he got an erection while wearing a chastity belt trying to stop it from falling to the street below. This from the man who stoped a locamotive in a few seconds (2 or 3). I think that 1940's Super Man could go toe to toe with a after capsule goku, not super saiyan just when he came out of the capsule with 210,000 power lvl.
  7. Super Heros

    well, it is true, I was just sitting there bored as hell and someone had brought it up, its a good bore killer so we went on on it, till It got to the old comics of MArvel vs DC where everyone on Dc lost except super boy. Some guy said that Galactus would crush superman. And it went off about how strong superman really is.
  8. Is slang annoying?

    Slang isn't annoying, whats annoying is talking to some french guy in english then another french guy comes up and they begin to speak french, you know spanish and some latin but as for understanding the slang french they are speaking your completely lost and they know it. It's not even real french it's slang french so the dialect is way off.
  9. Easter Eggs

    Ok... This topic was completely unproductive. Hey heres something, anyone know how to change the engine for DS to stop working only for DS and to work for others?
  10. Easter Eggs

    ? The Easter egg for W95 was ctrl+ some other stuff, it's a little batch of code that the programmers put in the programs they made so that when people press the keys needed they see a credit roll of the people who made the program. They add it because Microsoft doesn’t give credit to each individual programmer, they give just say Microsoft. I wanted to know what it was for ME, a guy I knew said that he is on of the creators of ME, I want to see if it's true so I am asking for the ME Easter egg. >.< esta in Spanish means a couple different things depending on how you spell it, though it uses the same words adding a accent changes its meaning totally.
  11. Where do you stop?

    Asst. Ba. Masters Phd - Ok, it all depends where you go to get them, but its like when you get one people around you keep saying to get another. I mean when I was in highschool a Asst. was all I wanted, then my parents said get a Ba. Now everyone in it sais go for Masters. If I do then ... I need a break... So question is. Where would you stop? Trust me there arent that many jobs open in NY even if you got your ba. Right now I'm working full at a game express in flushing queens. >>>.<<< I dont know... @Prom - your old enough so tell me, is there any point in life where things just slow down? Like you dont have to make any decisions or rely on some one?
  12. Where do you stop?

    The people that do go for those degrees are pretty strait forward on it. It was a BA in Business =(... 2 years ago they said programming would be down the drain since most major co.s were moving to countries like india for their programmers... Something about costing less money. O.o Past the point but that still is pretty messed up...
  13. Emulators and Roms

    Hello my name is FBI, I'm doing forum checks around here and I couldnt help but notice the messages on roms and emulators. Would you mind sparing me the time it would take and just send me a copy of your home address also a court of law; make sure to tell them to forward a search warrent to agent smith of the fbi.
  14. 10 reasons...

    I heard the movies all in hebrew or something like that... I learned my lesson from crouching tiger hidden dragon... I don't care to see it, it was all based on reversed hype to me, just a demi-complex way of reaching to rebellion based mind frames. It's very ironic. They probably doubled the ammount of people that would of normally gone to see the movie. I guess they figured if it worked for Eminem then it could work for Mel.
  15. Subliminal Messaging

    True lamb, but I guess I should of elaborated; the power to suggest something without inducing someone with a compound that would make hinder their normal thought is not possible. The idea that is someone is sleeping and I keep saying into their ears: "Buy my socks." Doesn't mean the next day they will wake up and have the urge to buy my socks. However if they were interested in my socks to begin with then they would buy it. In that case any commercial is suggestion however not using the unconscious portion of our psyche. Probably the commercials looked good and appealed to people. Some commercials are really good and get people to buy stuff, however its not subliminal messaging that is accomplishing this its just that it was a good commercial.
  16. Subliminal Messaging

    sublime messages are real however the effects they have on people is urban legend. The ability to convince some one through short bursts of images or complexly designed grid or words does not hold the power of suggestion. What is true about them is that they dont work period. Its all how the person understands them, because each peron grasps 1 specific idea differently from another person the message they recieve may never be the exact same as someone elses. No matter how specific. I could say 1, you think "The number one...?" "One what.." "Ok one..." "One.." "Sooo..." ..... and the list goes one. =D Hypnotism on the other hand works, >.< and with that you can understand only what a person believes is true... >.< The messages are nothing but well off, if I spoke backwards like that it would sound satanic too, but really, isn't it cool =D. I mean I wanted to have that satanic snore ever since I saw "Little Nicky"
  17. who thinks i should be a mod

    um, just like you want people to post why now it would be nice to know why you would like to be a mod in the first place >.<. What could you contribute to the development of EL? what difference could you make that other mods cant. Or is mod just some title that you want to experience before you quit in the future distant or near? Eh, well It's not my place but since you asked I sayed no =P. for the same reason I could of said yes. Yes or no... does it really matter? Video game admins have to run on a dictatorship inorder to keep constant stability. If I wanted you to be a mod it wouldnt matter, if 100 players say they would quit unless you became a mod it still doesnt matter. If you junkpacketed EL's harddrive... err then it would matter =P But not in a good way =D. Oh well gl =D
  18. Unbalanced Crud

    I got bored played D2 supposeddly now balanced cause of patch .10 go in to a hell cow with my uber sorc at lvl 78 and got pwned, left went baal running got pwned by black souls went back to cows and got killed so many times I couldnt find my corpse with my lidless wall with 1 p d in it. LOST my lidless and almost occy tg I wasn't wearing tal or I'da sued!. in .09 I could pwn cows on orb sorc in hell in no time at all. Don't get it!!! u gotta be 40 orb and 40 im to get a good killing streak going. Perfect example of unbalanced.
  19. Unbalanced Crud

    whats reg english? =P I can get dumb too =D D2 is mmorpg language or is it the other way around? I heard a rumor that mmorpgs were first thought of by the koreans. So I was wondering what the very very first mmorpg was. I thought it was that game... I forgot its name now but it was wierd. Like the characters looked like crap with arms and legs and a slight multi-color to it but monsters and backgrounds were decent. I really can remember it. I'm not talking about offline games that felt like mmorpgs like ultima or anything, just the real first mmorpg, even if it flunked and no one heard about it. >.<

    Ok first I forgot I had to wake up at 5:00 cause the bus left at 5:30 so I missed my first trip after the 1080 post =(. Soooooooo, good thing for me cause when I went up there (Boarders are the nicest ppl on earth.) I hit the pipes and met some cool ppl. They offered me a stay at their place (they live like 4 miles away from the mountain.) And for 4 and a half days I pwned the mountain =P. Heres my quote for today =D "Boarder please stop, stay away from it boarder, stop!" Tricks: about 9 Flunks: 3 Best Trick: 540 Heel side ------ He no pesky skiers were on stage 4 of the slopes early in the morning so it was easy to map out everything. =D

    I just set 3 more dates to go up there. Probably the last 3 times I'll get to go >.< I'll try to get that grind down. So you can land on a 50/50 and come off when you want to.
  22. Unbalanced Crud

    It sucks cause I quit d2 a few months ago almost a year now and went back on just to see whats up. Then do a freakn cow lvl to lose a lidless 1 p diamond I dont get it at all >.<. I am talking english, basic D2 english.
  23. this forum

    so many ppl have issues with php, you make it sound easy >.<. I know ppl that took days to learn it =/
  24. oook, I wish I was 2nd to post here, then I could tell you everyone would say thats a bad idea =P. But just to be the devils advocate for a bit; I like it =PPPPP I mean most ppl from when the cap was just added know why its realy still there >.< Entropy knows why its really still there. Basically, the idea behind it isnt to just stop cheaters (PPL who use macros) but its to be lamely simple. All it would take is a timeout gap that would boot if the player goes to harvest 100 times in 2 seconds. =P then if the player does do that then boot em =P thats what they did in RO. >.< But they also gave plyrs the ability to boot bots too =D. In the end it all comes down to. "I could but it's not needed now." or "the current engine cant do that now." But then of course it could easily lead to some idiot making a myda for el =D *dont look at me* and the whole game would be scwerededed. Way I see it the only solution is catching em in the act then ip ban.
  25. 300th post

    almost 200 posts and I bet I made only like 2 good ones, this isnt one of them >=/ to some relevance however I learned how to become double jointed in my neck. It's all just fast reflexes.