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  1. Is sephi banned? :(

    Prior to all this you believed this one sole ip was just 1 person trading to all his accts. I'm being moral in telling you we're different. I could've played out like I was the 1 person to give me cloud back. Whats to say Josh quit and don't play the game and gave me his. Which literally he did. All you hold over me is the rules. You said no alts after unlock. You make it out that I'm lying to you. And wizzy told me to be honest. I'm honest and have been. I'm a decent member to the community never grieved anyone. I wanted cloud cause he spent money to spare it from being locked forever and not to be enjoyed. Because you say I couldn't have an alt when I initially asked for Sephi back. But you don't believe anything I say for some reason. You're gagging at a nat and swallowing a camel. You don't give these bad people half as hard time you're giving me which I don't get. I've been honest with you people, you gave a dude an acct. back and he sold it right after. I just want to play the game on the grounds of where I left off. You've banned and unbanned a pure villain to the community, while I just want to play on the grounds I left off. It don't make sense to me. You believed all this was one person right. Like one persong farming artic chims while the other is training feros. Really now.. does the one at chims or feros have 100 rosto's to waste. Cause that is highly impossible to do for 1 person w/o dying several times in the process. But me telling you its me and my brother now you play this as its two people and say no to the acct. So you never said anything about sephiroth. What about this acct. then? Being I'd have to video tape Josh actually logging into the forums and asking for cloud back as you've got no real reason to believe anything I say at all. Ty for reading again. Sry for long reads to me you're painting me as a bad person in front of people that know me and know I'm a good person. So I'm merely defending that point is all.
  2. Is sephi banned? :(

    I didn't have no idea mine was locked no.. I quit as my girlfriend came over on vacation and got me on facebook games and stuff. Not cared is pretty strong assumption on my feelings of the game... Being I like it so much back 4-5yrs ago I no lifed 8-12hrs or more training and mocked for doing so. And came back to do the same at fluffs/feros. I'm pretty certain their is something I'd have to like about the game if I'm willing to put so much time into it. He's my triplet brother and said since I'm playing I should get his char that it should be out of punishment. I didn't know full details the rules about locks/bans no.. As this is the first time here already stated that. I don't understand the hard time.. I'm not a repeat offender or person that causes trouble endlessly in the game. I'm simple and nice to everyone. I only assumed it back as the punishment has been well over. Yet again I didn't know the "Josh is to come back and claim his char" rule. So basically you're telling me there is no way to get his acct. back even if he logged himself onto the forums you'd assume it was me. But couldn't I have easily played you and said I'm him from the beginning? I'm being moral. So basically you're telling me as a first time forums offender,and generally all around nice guy. I'm getting shafted worse then offenders/repeat offenders and trouble makers. For being left with the option to choose an account by rules (no alts and such) and I choose my brother's char because he spent into the game. I say this because you wouldn't, clearly stated by you, not believe it was him to claim the acct. himself. As he don't play anymore and it'd be spur of the moment. I don't really understand what trouble me playing on that acct. minding my own business does to anyone. I came to play in that atmosphere that training that grinding. That's what I enjoyed about this game. You say do it on the noob acct. Which is a fair assessment from your stand point. Not mine. Not doing all that time over again, again. All I'm saying is its all for the old time sake.I could do the noob alt w/e you want to call it. But really thats months on top of months,nmt,gears,alch,harv all that again. Gargs,orcs,bears,orges,cycs,fluffs,chims over again. xD I've spent so much time there I could write you a book on experiences honestly. So really what is the verdict. That's what I want to know now.
  3. Is sephi banned? :(

    I understand what we did Aislinn. And I told Maxine I'm not saying buying the acct. or stuff on the acct. is exempt from rules. I merely stated that as you put money into something you would want to enjoy it. I'm only trying to make that point clear is all. Josh said you wrote him in a pm that the acct. was to be suspended/locked or w/e for a month or so. This had been nearly a year ago. The time has been done is all I'm saying. I said Josh ain't playing again (which honestly he ain't as he's playing another game) to ensure that the trading wouldn't happen again. I wanted both back because sephi is my original char from what late 05 or so can't really remember. But if I had to choose I'd choose Josh's as he spent money on it. I'm playing on an alt now.. cause I have nothing else to play on. I wanted to come back went to login and nothing happened and was like wtf to Josh. And he told me they was suspended or w/e and the punishment should be long over. So I asked if it was banned. I try to talk to yall (except radu) in game cause I don't like airing laundry in public that much. But only wizzy talked to me. All I'm wondering is its been awhile since the case, so wondered if it was up. Ty for reading.
  4. Is sephi banned? :(

    If Cloud is not playing anymore, then why would you ask for him to be unlocked? If you have been locked for multi you cannot have an alt. Because he bought the acct. and the sword and it trains on different things xD Mainly for the fact money tied into something doesn't go to waste as it could be enjoyed maybe. :X But yeah didn't know about the multi/alt deal. Hrm that puts a damper on things xD But I thought the lock was for "mass trading back and forth" :x
  5. Is sephi banned? :(

    May I ask for the unlock of Sephiroth and Cloud then? As not sure this case took place when I went to another game and is nearly a year old or so? And I understand a lot of the stuff looked like 1-person doing it all. As it was on cable modem but we had 3-4 comps in the house and my older brother played too. But Josh would train orcs/artics with cloud/infinity while I was on fluffs/feros with Sephi. And I will admit to trading things yes. Me and him was making a crap load of life essies in AA and other trades yes. And yeah that was wrong except maybe the life essie thing. xD I mean guilds do such just looks bad on us as we're same ip same map and sry for that. I request Sephiroth back as its my baby, first main acct. that I spent many of hours on training and such. And request Cloud/ininity (think he got it changed to male/Cloud last I recall) back cause my brother bought it and also the thermal serp on it and its nice to change up from feros/fluffs to orcs/artics every once and awhile :X. I'm not mentioning the "he bought such and such" as a relevant claim that it should have power or that what was done on it should be nullified. Just merely stating kinda bad to spend on the char. and not get use of it is all. For the most part I'm a model citizen of EL, never done nasty things to anyone and am friendly towards all. And that this case is the first I recall against me or Josh that would result us writing here. Except the one time our IP was messed up. And I understand the rules yes, and know what we did do was wrong. Thx for reading sorry if I bothered, and thx wizzy for the chats. Willing to listen to judgements and explain some things if need be, the best that I can. Oh and my brother Cloud don't play so I won't be doing anything bad that wise again. Not that I would if he was playing.
  6. Is sephi banned? :(

    I know its been a long while since I last played on him. I recall an issue with my brother and his girlfriend at the time logging each char of theirs and trading things and so forth. I also remember playing his acct. farming artic chims hrs while he worked. All shows same ip cause on cable modem just 3 computers on it. But I made a new acct. as Sephiroth's does nothing when I try to log it in or says nothing. Unless you type the wrong pass. I don't know the full details of what yall said/did with my brother and his gf. I'd went to another game shortly before all that. But yeah mainly wanting to know whats the deal on him. As that's my old first acct. that I spent many hrs on yrs back. And would appreciate having him back for that sake. xD Ty for reading!
  7. Buying MM Perk Removal Stone

    #reset plox xD
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Sephiroth - 10k Diamonds, 10k Silver - (59k)
  9. Game ethics

    Well its like all things...good views until its on your foot. I'm only gonna make a story sense of back in my times cause I dunno nothing about your dragon armors and stuff. But! I'd imagine it would be the same. When training back then one would really really hate to lose their nmt cape. Sure might been your fault you forgot a rosto. Don't ease the mind anymore knowing the great loss. Now your dragon armors and stuff I'd imagine one would really hate to lose that. Now you paint the picture as if some noob found the jackpot wallet at the expense of another's mistake. I'm willing to bet if they put "your" stuff on in front of you. You would say stuff and promise future demise of the player Nobody wants to lose anything of value period. Its your items,you're gonna tell me its not yours anymore when it becomes a deathbag and someone else takes it. Tell me that when it happens xD But merely stating it's yours and them finding it qualifies as them "stealing" But you can think whatever until it happens to you like I said from the start. If I lost my nmt or col I would hope someone from the majority kind in the community would give it back. Now pvp is a whole other story and I'd totally understand that.
  10. Impact of MM Cost on Newbies

    I remember back then it was certain to take the perk. As there was an automatic inevitable reset mid lvling anyways. Back then you'd get to the point where cycs were not a problem(by that time you should have MM cape drops anyways from the countless orge kills xD)then you would reset and not take the perk. Reason for taking the perk was so you didn't get ganged while training on orge/orc/troll/cycs along the way. Cause who trains with an MM cape when you wore a CoL xD it was all NMT ftw. I remember having loads of bp/mm and that black cape from training so much though :x
  11. Trading strike

    Hrm I remember getting a lot of serps from orcs,cycs and fluffs iirc. Bindings were rare though.Every one I got was kept or insta-sold to CL <3 But I was reading the stuff on Holar and such.Ain't there a such thing as free market? I understand getting made.But to kill that noise everyone ban together sell it high to him and not buy it back xD lol Test of wills of who wants it more.The person that bought them high or the manu'ers. So the only contribution I have is get more people to farm cycs or something. xD
  12. Screenshot Thread

    o.0 that IceDrake looks pr0 lol Back when I played they just made the Black dragon I think xD Geezus look at all them giants lol
  13. The Greatest EL Player

    Actually the greatest are playing another game and not mentioned in posts above... Facts was me and Cloud was the fastest lvlers ever (ask kram and naht,I can say pass up pawnage) and that's all that was left was to level Oh well guess what I'm a naab again yay me,lets see how part time minimum on the game does as opposed to full time lvling lol.. Btw Aislinn/Ent whoever was involved thanks for letting my girlfriend on the game <3
  14. NMT breakable poll

    not at all bernie will be a choice if its made breakable but my theory is why should it be a choice,as of now its not a choice its the way u wanna go nmt isn't breakable now i have it easy choice but if it becomes breakable then it may become a choice many have to take in order to train y should it be like that and i say this as walking blind into the future who knows the odds of getting a breakable nmt as opposed to the breaking rate,not everyone is rich so this will not bother many high a/d trainers,but now neither i nor high a/d trainers have to be bothered i like it that way gives us all a fighting chance to catch up but i guess many don't like that view ;P
  15. NMT breakable poll

    that seems to be the consistence of ur posts,when did i imply it was the end of the world?i guess buying a nmt implemented that?