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  1. Artwork Updates

    as good as ever roja gj
  2. Selling nmt and thermal s2e

    150k for nmt
  3. Dragon pwnage

    lol cool
  4. selling inventory

    I will Buy all Alch stuff - Flowers + ores pot stuff - bones + flowers and any think els u got pm me ingame Woody
  5. max12

    \o/ max pr0
  6. banned!

    All sorted ty.
  7. banned!

    what i ment was i dont have anywhere near that, and that my bro was the 1 that traded ilegaly not me, then my bro said he would pay the 50k for me so i left it at that. i was gona wait see if ent accepted the offer from my bro so then i could get my char back and get the 50k back for my brother. sorry for the misunderstanding
  8. banned!

    my bro said he will pay 50k he said steel plate torso and the rest i can pay but i dont know what woody has i cant rember if u want take 50k off him if he has. but we said ok to 50k
  9. banned!

    i was ok with 50k , why now 100k
  10. banned!

    well i would like to know what i did then plz? ty
  11. banned!

    no i dont have any where near that gc shoq said it was his fult we got banned, i dont see y i should pay for not doing any think worng. i have played for like 3 years and i have not broken the rules and now iam getting punished?
  12. banned!

    hey this is froobs still banned and shoq has been unbanned jw when i will be unbanned ty for ur help