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  1. Well, by the fatigue thing i suggest that u can harvest trough if u hav 100% fatigue, but you wont gain xp, unless you rest.
  2. That pattern in the clicks was meant both for position and time, not only for time!
  3. I hate the harvesting limit (yeah, i know i say that everytime) and I have asked the programmers about it, they won't remove it, but maybe we can give good ideas so they can make harvesting 'possible' again. In many posts i have seen many ideas, and I am sure there are others who also have other suggestions. One suggestion seemed really good to me: Make something like fatigue in runescape, so you get tired of harvesting and have to sleep to be able to continue. This can also take away all autoprogram problems on other skills. I hope there will be many suggestions posted on this topic, and that the admins will read it and make work of it, so we can harvest normal again, instead of having to wait an hour each 120 harvests.
  4. Well, as the harvesting limit is now, i hate it. But i wonder what others think about it. Vote here, and / or come with suggestions.

    Has anybody seen mine?
  6. But harvesting is my favourite skill... [sniff!] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!! Cmon guys, there must be a way to let me harvest as much as i want! Mmmfff... It's just that i make almost all my money by harvesting stuff, cuz manufacturing trains to slow, with combat i die to much :shock: for alchemy u need to harvest the ruby and sulfur or buy them (and i hate buying), potion, well, i make much potions but it takes to much walking to sell them to the potion lady... Let's just say: harvesting is my primary money-making skill, but with that limit i can't use it as much as i want... Dam, why do i always want to have more... :lol: Anyway, why should there be a protection for autominers? I mean, if sum guy wants to use an autominer then he can, but it will take away lots of the fun of the game for that person. U just miss the feeling of doing it all urself, I tried using autominers in other mmorpg's, it just doesnt give a good feeling, so I stopped with it. But if u still want a security system, maybe u can make it so that if the mouse stays on the same position for a minute or two (give a warning after 45 seconds) the player is kicked. But then u get autominers with multiple position support. The only thing I can think of then is a cylus-detector which tries to see a pattern in the movings and clicks... If u dont wanna read all the text above then read only this: Plz remove the limit or use a non-timed protection!
  7. I just hate the harvesting limit, and my suggestion is: Remove it! But well, then you will see there are dam much autominers active, but i have some other solutions: 1. Detect the times that the person clicks. If that times are exactly (milliseconds) the same for a minute, kick the person (i know some other mmorpgs using this system, and it is simply impossible to use an autominer there) 2. Ask at random times if the person is still there, and let him verify it (click on an icon or something) 3. When the limit is reached, display a random code, which the player must type over (encrypt it to let autominer stay off the code). When the code is typed over correctly, the player can harvest another load of 120 (or more ) Just see what you can make of this!
  8. Which drink to take at starting?

    I just took water, and indeed it did the same as wine did on my brother's char. By the way Leeloo: I thought i knew your avatar from somewhere... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...s.aspx?ID=35143
  9. Hello everyone, I'd like to ask which drink you should take in the tavern in the beginning, during the first quest of the wraith. Which one (water, ale, wine, mead) is best, and which stats do they increase?