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  1. Auction 20k AE

    20k AE available. Starting bid 170kgc Minimum bid increase of 2kgc. BiN price of 200kgc. Auction ends in 48hrs. Jim ingame.
  2. Auction 20k AE

    Auction over. I'll contact Wizzy ingame. Thank you for bidding.
  3. Auction 100k silver ore

    Auctioning 100k silver ore Starting price 250kgc Increase bid of 2k minimum BiN 300kgc Auction ends in 48hrs Jim ingame
  4. Auction 100k silver ore

    Auction is over
  5. Harvester medallion

    Was under the impression that mini events did not destroy Harv Meds. You found 18 coins. You found 16 coins. You gained 36 extra harvesting exp. Your Harvester Medallion has been destroyed Mother Nature decided to destroy Jim's Harvester Medallion. Don't you love Mother Nature? You stopped harvesting. red snaps harvin, was i incorrectly assuming minis do not break the med ?
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Would like to place an order of 20k of both red rose and white asiatic lilly. Guess that would be 4 batches of 10k on your part and 20kgc on my part. Would like to take delivery of all in one transaction, but can take in batch sequence if so desired. Please pm Jim ingame, thank you in advance.
  7. Auction 20k AE

    20k AE available. Starting price 170kgc. BIN 200kgc. Minimum incr 1kgc. Auction ends 48hrs. Jim ingame. auction closed.
  8. Buying Essences

    I can sell you the AE, pm Jim ingame if you are still interested.
  9. Storage cleaning

    offer 4.5gc per on the turq. pm Jim ingame if acceptable.
  10. You forgot that most pkers never got past the fold out page of human/elf/dwarf fighting. On topic though, you also forgot 'cape of the raging mixer' . Whereas you take all their nexus points and divide by 6, truncate the decimal point and apply the whole integer to all attributes accross the board. Ok, too strong, leave out the human nexus in the formula.
  11. Selling 10K Turquoise

    I will buy all. Please contact me ingame to make the deal. Jim ingame . Thanks
  12. Gold membership

    Okies, lets provide some hard cold facts. I have 400k gc for sale for 8k/1$. So you pay 50$ if you need all. Paypal only plz. Ah as usualy sell allmoust any mineral/ores/flowers/items/weapons/armors and etc for cash too gc sold for 5.5 - 6 : 1 rate still offering harving services (allmoust any kind of items) pm me in game edit: will add some more gc soon need to sell some minerals i might buy some, pm me, (more than 8k/$ btw) Selling fresh Goldz 375 k atm rate 8k/1$ I have 350k gc for sale for 7k/1$. So you pay 50$ if you need all. Paypal only plz. PM me or Gossip me in-game, or leave forum PM, or post here your in-game name if interested, thx. SOLD As Title says: I have 100k Water ess for 120USD First player gets it. I have 1,300,000 for Sale SOLD Selling 3M gc These are but a few lines pulled out for your enjoyment from a source to remain unnamed. I could go on ad nauseum. By applying rocket science, one could arguably conclude that it is possible that a ratio of 8kgc : 1$ would indeed drive rosto price to 32kgc per and EFE price to over 13kgc ,,,,, etc. It is not hard for me to imagine that given the option of buying 25 rostos from the EL shop for $100 and sell them individually at 16kgc ingame (old price) for a total of 400kgc or buying 800kgc for the same $100 which choice to make. It is also obvious to me from the players offering above said gc puchases that indeed at least several alts are afk harvesting as the main galavants about the lands raping and pillaging. Throw in the fact that some of these players also own one or more bots, the situation becomes even more outrageous. So after reading the War and Peace thread followed by this ongoing Moby Dick thread, I support the 'Cookies for Radu and Roja movement' . The only thing I would not like to see is an ingame visual premium vs free to play distinction. I do not think players who choose not to, or can not afford to should be reminded in this manner. Now, back to the originating thread involving alt(s) harving while main runs about making cows nervous, hell no. Do what it takes. Families on same ISP are cool. Ban the criminals. I am done. Jim -x~~
  13. Prefer to sell as set, so starting bid 175kgc. Please keep incremental bids at 2kgc minimum. Auction ends 48 hrs after post time. Entertaining trades considered. Dont spam this thread with lowball offers or philisophical yadda yadda's. I dont need to se Auction is over. The items are no longer on the market. ll. Jim ingame -X~~
  14. Hoarding poll

    Put me in the long term planning group. I dont believe there is a scarcity of 'rare' items personally. I just would rather hang onto what i have rather than sell to the few high end skillz0rs. (not voted)
  15. Temporary class system

    Just my yankee 2 pence worth here, but have been busting my ass for 2 years now as well. If i found myself in a comfort zone, I would be be bored to tears. So u have a build n can pk n still are broke. Now someone wants to let some schmoe like me kill ur ass in 5 seconds. I am laughin my pre-rattail off. I dont know where this will end, hope it doesnt. Thank you for evolution in action Ent. flamez0r away, ur talkin to the hand. Kind regards. Jim -x~~
  16. Serpent Stones

    Here's the deal, 20 steel long @600gc per, 2 serp stones @5kgc+ per and 1 binder @7kgc and i am supposed to sell a great sword to the general public for 20kgc ? Not in this lifetime.
  17. Silver Medallions

    hmmm, silver bar x's 3 @37gc = 121 for meds not counting the fe and food, seems a bit low
  18. A critic to the today's EL server update

    Roll it all back to original post. I dont post. Enuff said. Obviously you dont pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. I have worked my butt off. Cry somewhere else. I can only control what I accomplish. I guess we should make you top dawg and limit everyone else to less than you.
  19. Auctioning NMT and more

    Offer pure gc 215kgc