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  1. Maybe this a non-issue. What the hell does 5k harvest experience lost really cost you ?
  2. prices

    NPC should not sell anything makeable in game. Prices might amaze you after the greed factor wears off.
  3. Harv meds were in game long enough for players to gauge astrological results before the introduction of CoS perk. I am willing to bet over 95% of CoS players have Arti Cape. The perk parameters were defined succinctly with not a lot of gray area for interpretation. Rumor has is that Obama is sending in some contractors to give y'all a govment free cheese bail out for greed and piss poor planning. I will throw you a bone. Flip the orange astro for green. (ie no green astro on harv with CoS perk).
  4. Every perk has its downside. I think CoS would be over powered without the harv med downside. Leave alone.
  5. Buying TINF removal Auction

    Maybe Mr Anon needs a player name associated with those bids on all related threads, Nixxy.
  6. I dont think a NPC should sell any item ingame that has a formula for manufacturing.
  7. Fashion only clothing should not have EMU. P2P races should be more customizable (ie my Gnome would like a mohawk and glasses without facial hair and I'm sure there are vision impaired Dragoni and Orchans as well). Base system should have maps for all playable zones. Wish list: Artificer cape break rate while mixing, but only Human 7 required to use. Dream list: Automated patching system to install client updates. ps. I appreciate the many improvements over the years. Thanks.
  8. Potion Schools

    Minor mana potions are no fail as far as i remember. Never gave extra expeience.
  9. (The fact that you resorted to name-calling alone says you have nothing to say. And on a moderator level, don't do it again.) was that English ?
  10. The reason for cooldown (pre toad/IEDP) was to limit the saturation of such items as health essence and spirit restore potions to the point that everyone HAD to sell at a loss. Do you really want 2x's a feasting potion with less cooldown than 20 seconds ? The market floods with cheap materials. Thus making a/d and magic training cheaper by a long shot. My question is, why mix at all ? My personal opinion is that Big Belly buyers @600kgc without understanding game dynamics are idiots. Caveat Emptor. Consider yourself bagjumped by 'Teh God' (bot ban him). Oh, and as to implementing the so called super food item as jumped up 'I am better than thou', I say only players named Jim can make. Finis (have a nice day).
  11. So im a "new" player

    Saxum has unearthed ELs 13th skill. Forum spamming. Please be patient.
  12. Human Removal Stone - Auction

    BIN jim ingame
  13. This is simply an ad nauseum reiteration of some dude who pulled a rare out of his butt and now wonders why he cant continue to sustain his profit from the sale of said item to duplicate the feat again. Good gosh people. I can guarantee you until all rare armors and weapons are removed from the game the NPC price is not going to go up. Oh and btw there is no rare CoL. Not a thing has been said that hasnt been said many times in previous threads. Necro. FTW.
  14. Human Removal Stone

    yawn 600k
  15. Human Removal Stone