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  1. Most likely to...

    I feel this is a good idea, and will partake in such an event... I will submit my vote upon pondering... -OSM
  2. make your own hero character!

    My fantasy character that I've always played in games and D&D, as well as a realistic one of me. Fantasy Character Realistic Yay me! lol
  3. Onesharpmarine

    ^ | | | LOL... Bro (SirKillAlot), it's no biggie... Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion... and if you think that bothers me/us, you should see what the anti-Americans do/say to us overseas. And in addition to my last post, thanks Ent and Ogle... And Ent, No, I didn't "liberate" civilians in the way you're referring to. Later all... See ya next post... -OSM
  4. Things that make you go WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ^ | | | LOL
  5. Things that make you go WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh yeah, I got another "WTF" for you guys... Today is my 2nd day back after a year of being away for "domestic and foreign reasons" and I get the following: - lose a level in 3 skills from a crash; - lose another level in one of the same skills from a 2nd crash; - and a comp freeze up from the 3rd crash; (My comp is high end, too...) - also, I get in a small cave (all of you should know the cave to the East in DP) where about 4-5 of us got cavern falls 4 times in a row, 3 of us had pickaxes break 2 times in a row, and mother nature killed one and seriously wounded 4 others.......... IN 5 MINUTES! There ya go... Is it an omen? Something saying don't come back when everyone is welcoming me back? *looks around suspiciously* I think you guys are smegin with me! lol Anyway, see y'all in-game! (Whenever the heck the server comes back up again) -OSM
  6. Things that make you go WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Here's a couple "WTFs" for you guys to get a kicks in... Enjoy... -OSM
  7. VOTD Tavern completely covered by fire

    I'm glad the VOTD F.D. was there to help in time so we can all continue our pot making and such. -OSM
  8. Onesharpmarine

    Wow guys, thanks for all the support... I didn't expect this... Jenny, you doll! You always surprise me with stuff... You're the best! As for the negative comments... don't worry... it's a right to Americans as well... Freedom of speech can be tricky, but it's a right we all have. So, thanks for showing me I did my job, SirKillAlot! As for shasso, yes, I was TheGoodFellas guildmaster. It's good to see familiar faces still in-game. It makes the re-transition more pleasant. Olivia, thanks for the positive statements you made. You're sweet. Everyone, thanks for your warm welcome back. Like I said, I was not expecting this, but it's great to know our task is appreciated. Thanks again, see you all in-game! -OSM
  9. new commands

    Good Ideas, Cicero... -----I think these commands would be a good thing to have. ----- -OSM
  10. #kill_bag option

    Ladies and Gentlemen, -----Wasn't this thread made about the #kill_bag option? -----Let's stay focused. Off-topic is for off-topic forum... -----Anyway, I think it's a great idea. I have done some manu, myself, and it IS annoying that people that don't want to even click once for a pair of pants, glove, or what have you. I know some people don't have time to come online and play a lot, but that's what makes it interesting. -----Hmm, maybe there should be an exp lock on EVERY skill, per hour, like harvest. Maybe this will prevent "premature aging" in skills. lol Also, maybe this will promote more game play for FUN, not just to LEVEL. :-) -----By your leave, ladies and gentlemen, I must get back to work. :-) -----Take care and don't let fate fool you. -OSM
  11. Thiefs and cops :)

    No, Personally, I don't like the idea. Some players work HOURS on getting an item made. Especially the honest ones. They'll spend 20 minutes mining the Iron and Coal to make the bars for, let's say, a tit long. This adds on another 30 mins to go get the Titanium and Coal to make the Titanium Bars. (Keep in mind that this is for an honest-living worker that doesn't want to just buy the materials.) Then another 10 mins to the manu god, if applicable, to get the "blessing" to make them. All this for someone to have three seconds of trying to steal it from them? No, sorry, I don't agree. But, good idea. :-) Maybe if it were a different type of game or leveling requirements. -OSM
  12. Too low exp from fighting with players

    Personally, I think there should be a "boundary" around the entrance for the non-pk'ers like the newbies that are exploring that accidentally go to a pk map. Due to some "lame" people that sit at entrances, waiting for people just like this to enter and kill them, w/o even giving them a chance for the map to load even. I mean, come on, give the kids a chance, and if you need stuff that bad, go work for it. You get money and items faster by USING your other skills. Anyway, like I said above, maybe there should be a boundary before pk'ing is available on the maps. -OSM
  13. AK1

    I say you just be like Nike! JUST DO IT! -OSM P.S.- Marines are all about action
  14. ~Newb Basic Commands~

    GJ Sam, that's gonna save a lot of posts. I'm sure everyone appreciates you submitting this post. :-) -OSM
  15. download problems

    Hmm, interesting date gap of ppl not responding to your thread. If you still need help, go to http://www.eternal-lands.com/ Then click on the "Download Game" link on the left column, almost all the way down the page. Then click on one of the mirrors under where it says "Download the current version". Mirror 1 is the most common used, and has less problems, that I've noticed on the forums. So, go with that one. Once it is downloaded on your Desktop, unzip it to a folder in a folder that you create in "My Documents", or on your "Desktop". Once that's done, open the el.config file (the one that looks like a computer with a face on it), then adjust your settings, then close that (click "Okay"), then open the el.exe file and enjoy the gameplay. -OSM