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  1. Huge Problem

    Well i'm giving you more reasons why its not the antivirus and all you can say is change the antivirus... not really convincing i must say. EDIT: And im not blaming the game... im lookin for something more.
  2. Huge Problem

    if it is the antivirus software... how can i log into other characters but not this one?
  3. Huge Problem

    I've had nothing but Norton Antivirus since I've started this character in Feburary 2004. I've been playing on this character all day today and finally this happens? I personally doubt its my antivirus.
  4. Huge Problem

    I dunno if this should be posted here or what but i have a huge problem. I was playing and i just got off the boat in VOTD walking towards storage when i got disconnected unexpectedly. When I alt-x out, my antivirus was up saying it has blocked a risk trying to attack to my computer. Risk Name: BD Insane 4.0 Attacking computer: game.eternal-lands.com(,2000) I was logged on as my character Jonlask. Now, I can create new players or log into others ones just fine but when I log into Jonlask again, same things happen. PLEASE HELP! Regards, Jonlask
  5. your EL life story ^^

    lol wow...long time ago... i do recall when i was just a young lad in EL...tryin to travel these forsaken lands use to be a pain...but since then i've got some new shoes that have kept me from gettin stuck in places...most of the people i use to know have moved on to better places...teh banned 0n3 ...i had to turn over my throne at Vermor Castle(haha) cuz i couldnt keep a constant wage...my gargs miss me *sniff*...i wonder how old Baldy is doing in the back halls... haha...im not as strong as i use to be...there was a terrible earthquake that shaked everyone back to n00b status...i found this clan of great people that took me in and helped me with everything and they were The ELite(EL)...but eventually they all moved on some people left EL, others just left The ELite(EL) and i came to be the last standing member of The ELite(EL)...i started talkin with and fighting with The Crusaders(TC) and evetually i turned over my EL tag for TC...man what a run with EL i had...twas good times...now im a Proud and Loyal Member of The Crusaders(TC)! and i couldnt be happier hehe... there was a time where i slept for weeks then finally awaken to see new changes in the lands...new people, a new continent, new animals and some monsters, some new weapons, etc... Eternal Lands is not what it use to be. Remember the old days... Thank you. JonLask
  6. Harvesting

    lol all the above here...but you forgot sleep lol
  7. skull in heck

    ahhhhhh yea thats true...is there word of new server that would be able to handle these issues?
  8. It's a jungle out there!

    i say you make the animals on that map hostile...like the tigers/panthers/etc all the predators...
  9. skull in heck

    we've gone thru this long ago... they said dragons are to difficult to model and texture... i tried doin myself and yes they're very difficult indeed... EDIT: lol sorry...just read the question again haha...but yes i love dragons myself and would love to see them in EL eventually...
  10. Old EL Screenshots.

    haha SKA...they're gone i tried lookin for them but no where to be found!
  11. tips for a long,healthy fight :)

    haha... good times... but as for your tips...they work really well i've been doin it for some time now
  12. REAL best game poll

    C and F would be mine...but i chose F...WoW and Diablo I, II and LOD...also Shining Force for Sega...
  13. Old times

    definitely potion cloak...kept me alive b4 i was high enough for everything...then...'crash'...lol there it goes...
  14. Old EL Screenshots.

    man...wish i still had all my old EL screenshots...we use to have roof parties in VOTD lol...took shots all the time...
  15. Book Bot

    sorry knew i missed the post...