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  1. Is Full Version Come Out Is It This $ Per Month

    Only with US accounts.
  2. Euro 2004

    If anyone wants to list to the England match - starts in 10 minutes http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio5live/live/surestream.ram will open live commentary in Real player
  3. gettin it workin

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/index.php?content=faq Sorry mate
  4. gunbound?

    is for me http://gunbound.net/
  5. SGC guild website is now up and running

    I like the basic layout - it's very nice. 1 comment - can you resize to to 100% as opposed to fixed width/height? atm page 2 looks like this (reduced to 50% of real size) on my screen. The index page is similar.
  6. Anograms

    President Bush of the USA = A fresh one, but he's stupid. Chairman Mao = I am on a march. Saddam Hussein = UN's said he's mad. Elvis Aaron Presley = Seen alive? Sorry, pal! Marilyn Manson = Manly man? No sir! Doncha just love google!
  7. Short term memory loss boys? Janet Jackson - Super Bowl XXXVIII :roll:
  8. A nation that went demented at the sight of a black woman's nipple seems unmoved by photograph of the battered body of a woman as she lay dying in a car crash wtf! IF Diana had survived and was talking about what had happened, fine. show it. She did not. Trying to justify the use of the photograph by saying they were illustrating the medical circumstances following the crash is just bollocks in my opinion. IT WAS A PHOTOCOPY OF A STILL!! There is no way any conclusion can be drawn about what was happening at that precise moment in time from a still. I think that CBS used that image in a cold and calulating way for one reason only. To oost their mid-week ratings. Thoughts ?
  9. I can't get on newb channel...

    known (unimportant) bug - once you leave channel 1 you can't return. Join us on the help channel (2)
  10. I just want my furhat...

    *slaps Jacqy silly and hands her a pair of glasses* Please read the boards: IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE FOUND A BUG ON THE TEST SERVER PLEASE POST IT IN THE CORRECT THREAD. BEFORE YOU POST ANY BUG, READ THE THREAD TO SEE IF IT'S A KNOWN BUG. Losing Vials is a known bug. Additionally, if you HAD read the posts about the new server, you would know that there is a % chance to lose reagents/items when: Making Manufactured items Making potions Making Alchemic (is that a word?) products (essences/bars etc) Crafting.
  11. New server bug reports!

    Still got a trade bug. Was in CC making iron bars. goo_ passed to me 10 Coal - appeared in my ½ of the trade window 30 Iron Ore - appeared in his ½ of the trade window 10 Fire essence - appeared in his ½ of the trade window ON TOP OF the iron ore! Got the same Food bug as stated by Moonshadow for manu - same happened with Alching the Iron bars. Food lvl showed 45 - got 4 fails then got mag saying 0 food. Munched veg and it changed to 15. Also getting INSANE xp for alching iron bars, over 400. website says 120 iirc. All this was before the test server crash. I now have to research iron mining and iron smelting (again) before I can double check, and I can't face it tonight . Sry.
  12. why cant i test new server?

    everyone who plays the TEST server must create a new character to play there. At the end of the TEST period (about a week I think) all the characters will be wiped, lost, deleted, expunged. Thereafter ALL characters on the current server will be transferred to the new server (with the relevant changes to XP etc.) and the changes will affect all. The reasons to play test are: 1) Learn about the new system 2) find bugs and report them IN THE CORRECT THREAD!
  13. why cant i test new server?

    That's because you don't exist on the test server! You have to create a new character there and will start with V low stats etc. We all had to do it
  14. EG Quest +/- 50 Mill in prizes

    Results, feedback ?? I was playing test server - I hope your quest went well.
  15. New server bug reports!

    Harvy - Vials: He says it's 5 quartz + 6 GC, then he charges you 3 GC. not a big deal.