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  1. Anyone have a book of thermal sword, but don't want to deal with an auction? Then reply, or send me a note with a price you'd be happy with. I've a reasonably large but undisclosed sum of money set aside for one, but I don't like dealing with forum-based auctions!
  2. Achievements for Breaking Tools

    My understanding is that the armour quest gives you XP for breaking armour items (maybe weapons? I don't know). This is explicitly for tools, i.e. things that must be in your inventory to mix an item, but are not added to the mix window. Additionally, achievements don't (necessarily) convey any benefit other than a demonstrated addiction to the game. Hopefully that eliminates any confusion.
  3. I haven't seen this posted before, but maybe it just didn't come up in my searches. Why not some achievements for breaking tools? Axeman: break x pickaxes. Thimble-ina: break y needles. The Handyman: break z leather gloves. etc.
  4. Chain Armors

    I'd wager 90% of PKers have a combat level that negates this concern. Except for the fact that chainmaille is pretty bad against arrows & bolts, particularly when outfitted with a bodkin point. It was light, flexible, and protected against slashes as well as stabs; however, it basically turned a sword into a steel club, so a gambeson or aketon (basically, our padded leather armour top) was worn underneath. Also, properly made chainmaille doesn't really scratch the skin (I know this from personal experience), but given that it was always worn with at least something underneath, it's a bit of a non-issue. Plate armour was much thicker, giving better defense against missiles as well as slash/cut/blunt trauma, but it was worn at the cost of mobility (penalty to dex?). An arming jacket (like a gambeson, but not intended to be worn without armour, as a gambeson might be) may have been worn under the plate armour for both comfort and as a mounting point for various pieces of the harness. Plate basically dominated the field until the advent of firearms; of course, point blank range from a properly drawn longbow could pierce plate. Now, there has been research into multilayered textile armour, such as silk armour, as possibly providing better protection against arrows/projectiles. Perhaps, instead of reworking the existing chainmaille into something that just doesn't make sense, a new anti-arrow textile armour would be a good way to go? This could be a mid-to-high-end tailor item that protects against piercing but not slash/cut/blunt damage. Switching to this would allow a pk-er better protection as they rush an archer's position. Alternatively, if it's possible to modify the slots to permit two torso armours (one textile/padded, one metal, of course), one could wear both (again at a penalty to co-ordination/dex/whatever - believe me, your ability to move is substantially reduced when you have two or more layers of armour on). This armour wouldn't, of course, protect against critical to hit, the analogue of an experienced archer finding a weak spot in the plate/whatever armour is worn.
  5. NPCs

    Right now I'm in the second category, but each one I talk to pushes me further into the first.
  6. Vitality Removal Stone Auction

    1 Vitality Removal Stone SOLD at BIN Opening Bid: 20k Bid Increments: 1k Buy It Now: 22k
  7. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Vitality Removal Stone in VOTD toads
  8. first game you ever played?

    Aquatron on the Apple ][
  9. Mini Harv Events

    Most of the farmers made money by selling to players, not to NPCs. However, this does cause inflation, because the players are making finished goods with those items and sell them to the NPC. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, not intending to hijack the thread: would an alternative to the mini harv events be to reduce the price NPCs pay for the finished goods in question? That way, there'd be less incentive to make those goods (i.e. accept less/no profit or spend time selling to players), so less incentive to buy from the farmers. I agree that the mini harv events will increase the "cost" for farmers to harvest, but perhaps reducing their profit by putting downward pressure on their possible sale price would be a viable alternative?
  10. ELG Harvest Shop

    Hi! Can I order: 10k iron ore = 35kgc 10k coal = 20kgc Total= 55kgc Please and thank you If you'd send a pm or a gossip to confirm, that'd be great!
  11. rayla bjed us in trassian

    Here's a screenie: Edit: In all fairness to zark and [H], she wasn't in that guild for much longer.
  12. Binding Stone Auction

    Private Bid: 71k
  13. Binding Stone Auction

    I've got a lot of 10 binding stones up for sale. Minimum bid: 70k Bid Increment: 1k Buy it now: 85k Auction will end tonight at 8p EST (about 4 hrs from time of posting)
  14. Part 1 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    Deleted, can't guarantee I'll have the gc on time. I'll come back for the arti cape if it's available when I'm certain I can pay.
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k iron and 6k coal, if you folks would be so good. Totals to 47k gc, unless I'm wrong. Thanks! Lyeowar