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  1. Corpus Opis

  2. Happy anniversary

    a long time ago. cute on my sig guys, you always find a way to pick on me.
  3. Tattoos and Piercings

    stretching my ears to half inch. drawing up a rib tattoo that goes up over my chest and then down my arm as a half sleeve
  4. *Remember When*

    jevik. life. wolf. nillyfein boki ak1( hahahahaha ) DoD [TM] Kaos Wd Winfieldblue me and hazor owning naralik catacombs sitting on NI for hours with slayton and CK idiots who started sitting at NI because we did mono <3 crazy polish people. crazy ninjas in pajamas too tired to think.
  5. Meow?

    man, i miss everyone in those cartoons. whatever happened to forve, i forgot
  6. Winners Are...part Trois

    wow. i dont even remember this, but i dominated.
  7. Meow?

    hey slay. *CO* isnt doing to well without you, nor half of the most amazing people to ever set foot here.
  8. Guess the player name!

    good luck
  9. myspace

    zomg! www.myspace.com/ohisthatyou hit it up bros!
  10. Photoshop Sk1llz

    Post some things you've made in photoshop, gimp, Ms paint, any other program like that here! Some forum siggys. A little stamp.. One time Desktop.. Made me dizzy so I took it off. Boredom/Unfinished things.. MS paint Skillz0rs. I am an aspiring artist.. Yes pls.
  11. Purevolume & Myspace.

    Purevolume is a place for unsigned artists to host their music, if you have good bands to check out post their purevolume here. If you have time take a look @ small towns burn a little slower AMOP (A matter of perspective) Your perfect Tragedy Twenty-One Fake ID's Most of the bands have myspace too, and if you also have a myspace post your account here. You know you want a few extra friends on your blogs.
  12. Do You Want..

    This poll is missing options :rollseyes:
  13. People of USA, watch out

    Whats wrong with indiana? Accept for the overpopulation of hillbillys and inbreds.
  14. My New Avatar Xd

    Copy, paste, invert colors. Thats what you see on the wall.
  15. My New Avatar Xd

    WTF I don't see no 4 dots..
  16. More Siggy Problems

    Ahaha senses of humor so pathetic it makes me laugh. :D:D Look I figured out how to make smileys.
  17. Most likely to...Part trois

    Ahaha.. Placid made me giggle.
  18. QJ's Matchmaking Service

    Am I the only person who see's 666 in Tanyia's siggy? O.o
  19. hunting of cats to be legalized

    Yea ok, feral cats are soo mean. Even tho I've seen video on the news of a guy in Wyomig feeding 10-20 feral cats, petting them, they not showing no signs of aggression. Thanks pls.
  20. Fight Bug

    *Gets no fail to flee message when pvp training* 0mfg0rz flee bug calz0rs 3ntro0py!! Entropy: no such thing. *1 year later it is still there* Good luck.
  21. Would You Be Interested In A Blog Plug In?

    No, just for the fact censor happy mods wouldn't let us express our feelings, which is what you are suppose to do in a blog.
  22. Old EL Screenshots.

    You were a cub, .
  23. Vote for game of the month on mpogd.com

    Wow, this game is so great. The 300 members each vote 1 time a day just to win. :\
  24. Old EL Screenshots.

    No we weren't, you never reset your kill counter in your config folder when I sent you my config folder, so you had me 3k+ kills and 500+ headshots.
  25. Other MMORPGs

    I might try MU, but SS remind me of diablo roflz