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    Use machineID banning
  2. War event idea

    I can't believe you Roja I had this exact same idea with goblins in VOTD a month ago and It had support from everyone, but you guys shot me down I had the polls, exact details, and all the considerations. http://eternal-lands.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2832
  3. Free Lancer up for grabs

    Well yoshi, you can check my post about recruiting for the guild. Anyway, our guild, CoR, is looking for players who are nice and helpful, friendly, active, and who participate. Our guild focuses on having fun mostly with everyone and we will become a pk group in the future. We have events all the time and we help each other out. We need a lot more quality members right now, so I'd be happy if you pmed me if interested.
  4. AK1

    Lol you aren't getting unbanned after that Son.
  5. Corpus Opis

    Just wait till the server change, *CO* :wink:
  6. Mikhail and I are co-leaders in the new guild, Rancor, or COR for short. We are looking for members who are willing to train and be active, but also should be fun and loyal. The guild will have events, contests, pk trips, adventuring, role-playing if you wish, nice people, and members that all help each other out. This guild is mainly to have fun and members do not need to contribute anything if they do not wish. If you want to apply, we are looking for people who play a lot and have decent lvls in combat (25+) and also other skills such as potions, magic, alchemy, summoning, etc. Please pm me in forums or pm me or Mikhail in game.
  7. just some ideas

    Lol just got it..Leeloo...5th element....heh
  8. just some ideas

    Its easy enough to maybe make the eye icon find treasure if the knowledge lvl is high enough or something
  9. Race of doom (win doom cape and money)

    Cant someone just keep teleporting? it would be impossible to catch some who teleports the whole time
  10. combat system

    This was vaguely addressed in the sticky wasnt it? :? :oops:
  11. combat system

    My suggestion about combat can really make things interesting in pk and working together to kill something. What if there could be multiple people fighting one thing? I think it would be really cool to see like 3 players taking a cyclops at one time. It would also make pking very different because people could gang up on you. Of the specifics, there would be limits that balances it. Say that beyond the first person fighting something, each other person could fight it at the same time but their damage is reduced by 1/X, where X is the number of people fighting something. So if 2 people were fighting a cyclops, one person would do regular damage while the other guy does half damage and if there were a third, he would do 1/3 regular damage per hit. Also, there would only be like 4 people who can fight a target at the same time. The exp given would be the same to any of the people and it would depend on the hits indiviually to distribute xp. The target can flee the same as if he were fighting just one person. That or his chances of fleeing should be lowered to 1/X. Anyone have any comments on it? I think it would be amazing and can create lots of possibilities in combat
  12. 100 million giveaway!

    If its not over already, IM IN
  13. Lifebar glitch Abuser [screenshot]

    Haha. I knew that no-good rowah cheats
  14. Player-run event

    I would like some support from mods to have a big player-run event. I'm thinking that we could create like a who-dunnit murder scenario that would involve like 6 real players and 1 had murdered another in pk. There would be clues spread out over like a week and you would have to go to the players and try to get info out of them. The players who are the characters would have to role-play their character and we would have set requirements in order for them to give out info. This could involve getting them things, asking the right question, errands, etc. I could write the entire event with the story, clues, script, etc. I would like your opions on this from mods especially. The player who wins by getting the person to confess or something would win a big prize.
  15. Estimate

    There are a lot of more cheap macroers. My friend who doesn't play anymore used his macro to harvest silver, sell it, store the money, and do it all over again. He ended up with millions the next day. My point actually is that his "macro" was more like an autoclicker, which a lot of people use legally. You can't expect them to be paying attention to the game while its going, and it still gets them exp. Theres really no difference between what he did and the people with autoclickers.