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  1. ive been exploring

    - fixed that segfault - guildless players are white, guildmembers have the guild tag color. http://reloaded.iuk.hdm-stuttgart.de/~rutk...p-patch2.tar.gz circle.bmp goes into textures folder. you need some mapname_m.bmp files in the maps folder for it to work. this patch still needs alot of work though.
  2. ive been exploring

    but it only happened when the minimap was open and i walked to a map border. but ok ill cvs update and try again
  3. ive been exploring

    i get segfaults in particles.c when the minimap is open and i walk towards east map border. i didnt touch particles.c though. any ideas?
  4. ive been exploring

    it is not playable, unless u r a developer and know how to build a client
  5. ive been exploring

    i ask for playernames. guildname is no problem cause its 4 chars. A Uint32 can hold the guildtag.
  6. ive been exploring

    what is the max name length and what is the alphabet? alphanumeric, minus and underscore?
  7. ive been exploring

    oh very interesting. about guildtags. i already use the guildtag as "guild_id". i changed parts of customizing code for that. now that you say guildtags will be unchangeable, does that mean no guild or player ids will be sent from server?
  8. ive been exploring

    i cant cvs add. my berlios user was kicked from elc project XD
  9. ive been exploring

    heres a patch: http://reloaded.iuk.hdm-stuttgart.de/~rutk...ap-patch.tar.gz this is for developers. u can play with this! its a cvs diff file, 2 new .c/h files, and a texture circle.bmp that goes into textures folder of el. minimaps textures are called <mapname>_m.bmp. e.g. startmap_m.bmp for IP. they are in the maps folder. exploration is saved in maps folder too, in files called <mapname>.xm (currently they are only saved at a mapchange) the minimap is not finished yet. but some asked for a patch to test it. btw: i worked on linux only with emacs and gimp. it should run on windows. but i havent tryd it.
  10. ive been exploring

    i like the idea of the "radar" in corner of root window too. and it dont have to be hardcoded into the gui. my idea is to show the visible area as a disk in perspective 3D and rotating it with the camera rotation. = combine compass and radar.
  11. ive been exploring

    it will help you exploring, cause it can show where you been and where not. i dont think its meant to be open all the time, it doesnt replace the normal tab map.
  12. ive been exploring

    the minimap uses its own bitmaps. i just took a copy of IP map to have at least something. theres no color information in actors names (atm). it chooses by actor type n such. wraith is blue on minimap.
  13. ive been exploring

    entropy asked me to do it. so it is approved. its my "patriotic" work XD im only 75% done though.
  14. ive been exploring

    -yellow = animals/monster -blue = NPC -red = pkable
  15. ive been exploring

    found nothing good though :pickaxe_rune: