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  1. The weather outside is bad

    Well it seems that weather outside will be bad forever after all this were the pics from the Gardens map: (The map) it's building and pre-testing (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (day) (night) I would also like to say here, publicly, that I am really sorry that I wasn't there by Your side Platyna when You were slandered and humiliated yestarday. I had pressing RL matters to attend to not that I quivered and tried to remain low profile while others Nikolai Chauchesku style abused their powers. I do not agree with Stalin-like methods of dealing with opposition toward dictatorship ( humiliation and slander of opponents ---> fake accussations ----> "bullet" in the head of the 'traitor') This is one of the reasons I'm leaving the project. To all that hate Platyna this much (satisfy Your mindless blood thirst) to honest people (^^ "teh god joke ~you are allowed to do this, You're NOT a slave!") Few picks from school's map building and one last thing my chars name was (Quellentalious) not Quellentarious as it's written here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11443 nor Quellentalious as it stays in http://www.eternal-lands.com/index.php?content=volunteers thou I have no idea why was my char's name used not my (nick) ? <<<!!!>>> I am sorry if there are problems with viewing pics but geocities have limited transfer and so it might happen that if it's exceeded You may need to wait an hour or so to view them. Either way - enjoy <<<!!!>>> -Good bye to You all and have a lot FUN with the best FREE game ever ! ^_^
  2. The weather outside is bad

    ok to make it clear, it leads to gardens ---> map that is not ready yet and it will not be smth special or big (only f2p objects used) I added the "weather outside is bad" info cause I'm old school RPer and have sentiment to efforts of game masters, who were always trying to keep players "on the story" by saying things like : "You have a strange feeling that it's a bad idea" or " Suddenly the inner voice tell You to go to...." which I always found pretty clumsy yet funny. anyway those of you that still read this thread can have a glimps on unfinished map part by DAY and NIGHT
  3. Crowds at storage

    Such rule would be difficult to enforce and easy to make mistakes maybe it would be better if people who go into afk in storage area just get dissconected ? (they're not sitting on the bag cause it could go *poof*, they're just busy at the moment in RL so this wouldn't bother them much) other solutions add more storage NPCs equalize storage rules - manufacturing allowed in all of them or in none of them and one other thing maybe, it would be possible to set a key shortcut ctrl+"use" to auto-put-in-storage clicked item from player's inventory when (s)he is near storage. Without all the dialogue boxes, at least in one way, traffic would sped up a bit.
  4. The new nordcarn cave map :)

    at least for now until Fred makes a real map Map12_cave
  5. Beware , Axe wielding maniacs on the loose

    yes that was a secret plot ! You got it ! and more seriously, Platyna had absolutely no access to development of formulas and could not know them till today when it was announced to mods (along with permission to inform others...) only people who could have told whomever were programmers but they did not spill it so... Wytter.... Dorplain.... shameful thing to say smth like that... really
  6. Update.

    well I expect dividend and... let's enjoy the update
  7. Post Here Bug Reports For The Test Server.

    yup it should be almanac like in other almanac tomes is about the signs and books info - it's the fault of words limit - unless it's changed I can't help it <_< well it was, have more faith - when the works on area effects are finished (server side) then this lava will burn you if you'll be foolish enough to walk on it *devilish laugh* btw it should be the same with spike pit it's impossible to set exact height for the objects that are not flat :/ this cages are ment for animals and their models not players; as soon as area effects are done you will not be able to get down to animals but only watch them from above. it's unfortunately impossible to set two heights for walking in one place - I could channge it to checkers board like geight map but it would be very hard to tell if by clicking you'll go up stairs or beneth them and therefore more frustrating for player I guess (?) it's like this for better visibility when you navigate your char thanks for all reports ^^ especially about tables
  8. Party With Scarr

    well, asaide the whole really uneeded emotions in this thread... it was nice to see that summoning has some use and good summoner can help in the fight; new changes being discussed at the moment should allow a player who is good at this skill to be a valuable support and even combat unit - the aim is that fighter, mage and summoner of the same lvl should more less be able to confront eachother on equal conditions; yet group of working togeather mages/fighters/summoners should be able to kill sole - even godly powerful - player, so there wouldn't be single players dominating the gameplay and teamwork would pay off. the whole "hunt" was fun, although teh banned 0n3na's wolves were visibly nervous and hungry and... I got eaten (yes, misclicked on 1 of them), so I wasn't present when Scarr and others were in chase and tactical combat (also by few called: "running around in havoc and chaos, shouting 'where did he/she go?' " ) I run back just to see cornered Scarr and then his final manouver -about 'beaming', PK maps suppose to be non-#beam so if cave been overlooked it has to be changed I guess *** I've seen 4-5 pickaxes in bags, so although I did not witnessed such incidents, I'd like to apologize all innocent miners, that could have died in wolven rampage (on behalf of EL). Right now there is no way to control summons but it's visible that more control is greatly needed (maybe with friends/enemies list implemented it would be easier <_< and non-engaged, neutral spectators could watch without fear of ending in Chimerian's digestion system ^_^).
  9. A New Type Of Particle Needed

    Could we get a math function of spiral as one of the types? Pleeeeaaase ? (or maybe vectors of radius speed and acceleration ?)
  10. Small Question.

    well Your pic reminded me of this devilish part of the manual don't let the nice map end up in trash can only cause You forgot about NO OBJECTS near map edge (2 tiles space required AFAIK) oh and nice looking wharf (?) it is ^_^
  11. Make A Continent Map Show!

    I just thought, how about moving onto next level of mapwalking ? could the maps that are separate elm files highlight in Continent map view and when you click on one of them char starts to walk to this map ?
  12. Make A Continent Map Show!

    Looks really nice ^^ had we only all the maps in this old-scroll-type like on picture above =] *edit* they are ? ermmm.... ---starts to delete his contarband maps of: crystal caves, coal cave, nordcarn cave, diamond cave, vermour castle, temple of mortos, portland mine & tunnel, morcraven caves... --- ;] | | | V
  13. Eating Delay

    *digest* *digest* *digest* *drink* *drink* *drink* *driiiink...* (...) *throw up* .....Happy New Year !!!
  14. Loading A Map...

    if you mean in map editor then just click on second icon from right hand side and pick the map You want to load