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  1. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Sorry I didn't make it but congrats and best of luck to both of you!
  2. Shall We Do It Again?

    I didn't hear about thios one last year until it was too late, but I wished I could have been in it. Will the nexus requirements be the same as last year? Due to a recent reset I am about 3 pick points shy of last years requirements. If it's a few weeks away still I would be able to get them no problem. So as long as the requirements are the same and we have a little time you can count me in for sure. Edit: Also will the new skills be included?
  3. Just curious

    I have read 224 of 337. When I grow up I wanna be moebird
  4. harvest/alch shop

    10k coal & 2k hes to start, i will place the same order again once this is filled. I can pay you either with gc or tailoring items
  5. Single Elimination Desert Pines Arena PK contest!

    I have to drop out I won't be home on Sunday. Of course I will still donate the tunic. PM me so I can get it to you before the contest.
  6. Single Elimination Desert Pines Arena PK contest!

    Yes I know I don't really care about the prizes anyway, just want to fight
  7. Single Elimination Desert Pines Arena PK contest!

    I will donate a brown tunic to the prize pool from my main Cissysauce. I would also like to enter my alt Sybilsauce in the contest as long as the day and time stay as they are now.
  8. Buying Health Essences 7gc each

    I am willing to pre-order them too if someone is interested in making them but doesn't have them at the moment. PM me in game or leave a message here
  9. Auction: 20k Hes

  10. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    Looks good on my end too.
  11. A mystery

    If my calculations are right that is 12:00 noon EST? If that is correct please sign me up
  12. PB&J is recruiting

    PB&J is a great guild, best of luck to you!
  13. Buy-back for colored fabric?

    I would guess that since the universal hood changes color it will have all colors of fabric in it. Maybe we could convince the powers that be to give us one more tunic color. Orange & white fabric together could make a pretty peach colored tunic. I have over 1k orange fabrics in storage also. I still make orange dye I just sell it to the NPC instead of dying fabric with it now. Yeah it's tedious and I lose about 3gc per dye, but I always expected that this skill would be hard. As far as having bots buying and selling colored fabric, I wouldn't sell any fabrics because I know I'll use them all someday, and I would only buy them if it was a really good deal. I'd rather make them myself and get the xp for it.
  14. Buy-back for colored fabric?

    Well if an NPC was buying hats, why would anyone sell fabric and dye? Wouldn't everyone just make the hats themselves and sell to the NPC? I agree with molime & Theladin. I think an NPC who buys tailoring items is a bad idea. No, leveling tailoring is not easy and not cheap, thats why only a few of us do it. From Radu's Blog:
  15. Blank screen - GUI still visible

    Same thing happened to me. I was walking through Bethel, switched to console and when I switched back I had a white screen. I was still able to map walk and even use items in my inventory but I couldnt see anything. I deleted everything and reinstalled and it seems to be working fine now.