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  1. Go see Fahrenheit 911 or get banned!

    i get sick of presidents.. everyone complains about every single president there is.. and by the end of the 4 years or near the end they are all like GET RID OF (insert presidents name here) .. blah.
  2. Save Killerlamb!!

  3. New server bug reports!

    Someone PK'd me and I respawned at beam up and im 'still under attack, and cant move' no matter if I relog or not.
  4. New server bug reports!

    I am still denoobified .. Cant join channel 1 because of this.
  5. WTF!

    Didnt laugh.. just got immensely bored after like 30 seconds.
  6. funny pics!

    Hazor - that put a smile on my face
  7. what are youll listening to right now?`

    Modest Mouse - Float On
  8. The Rangers rise from the ashes

    the website would be pretty cool, but its only downfall is that it has that piece of crap music always playing, annoying as anything.
  9. if ur bored this is funny

    haha, i see how the NH's and moderators keep in touch now ;D
  10. Greatest Rock Song Ever

    I love how he has an 'Other' but yet if you post a song and he doesnt like it he cusses you out and reminds/tells you how much that song sucks.. Just leave these boards and go grow up, Killerlamb, not like you play the game anyway, or at least what you have said.
  11. Fleeing.

    No ent, im saying that it isnt even 'attempting' to flee, and it still attacks the opponent as if you aren't even fleeing.
  12. Fleeing.

    Fleeing is effing messed up badly, I have seen alot of people complaining because they cant flee while training and their partner has to flee instead. Also, if I click rapidly, maybe every 1/8th a second or so trying to flee, there is like a 1/3 chance I am going to hit my enemy every 3 times (of course).. and now I cant hold down the Home Key to train my defense anymore, what the heck is wrong?
  13. This application has failed to start because vorbisfile.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem. Whenever I try to start EL with the newest version.
  14. Crashing (alot)

    Me either hemp -- a way to fix it is to log onto another character, it will work, then log back onto your character, its what I have to do everytime I crash now.
  15. Bag Macroing provention.

    I dont agree, to manufacture stuff I put in 10,000 leather and 7000~ thread in the bag and make tons of leather pants =/ This would ruin my way of powergaming ;D