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  1. Do you like Diamonds?

    Placid has achieved the lowest state of no social lifenessity
  2. Shows in WS city!

    why not just put prattler there?
  3. If you wanna look uniques wait till Radu implements the Logo Shields and Cloak and get your self a wacky hat, bandana, tiara then you'll definitely look unique.
  4. ehhh ehhh Latex Gloves O.o

    we are getting night vision googles if you didnt know stop being a smart as....allick A This game Will be getting Night vision Googles (which were made around WWII) to Halbards which was invented from 14-15th century....
  5. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    Triple WTF?! -Gimme the max amount then.
  6. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Ok For the Website me and Drakoon Discussed -Black and Silver. -Main Page. MagnuesiuM...my char. Medium skinned gnome Red hair and Goatee and glasses black shirt red pants/boots -With like a Mission Briefing on my char like Name:MagnuesiuM Age: Unknown Height 3'11'' Weight: 98lbs Guild: Wing. IDK if you can make it say whether im online or not. Location SKF - And pics of me ofcourse. -Top Agents.(Friends) Ramon Saphira Kramxel Scorpius Radu Then Have a Real Life Pic of me like in a 4 inch bubble and when you roll over it ,it brings up like a mission briefing on me .... Ill Give you that info ingame pm me
  7. Make sure your hands are safe from chemicals when making pots and alching and even harvesting dung....
  8. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    WTF?! Lemme get -10k toads
  9. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Ok guys post my stuff when ur done
  10. When I started to play EL ...

    Pretty much the same ive played 3 1/2 years so yaa Also the singe click per harvest And harvesting Veggies in secret spot on IP and asking learner lots of questions and cursing at the fact i couldnt harvest quartz
  11. Coke or Pepsi?

    Coke was made with cocaine and crack is cheap so ..... pepsi.... \o/
  12. Guild LoL- Celebrating 7 months

    Congratz i counted 16 times you guys were red tagged by me
  13. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    WTF i've been waiting nearly 3 weeks for my order.
  14. Day Ideas

    Day of All 10+ lvl's for all skills for the next 6 hours.
  15. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    ok 25k