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  1. Santa Hat Auction

    C'mon Peach.. you know I'd look sexier in that hat than you 140k
  2. STO sale

    I'll take the tit chain plz
  3. Santa Hat Auction

  4. Storage Sale

    Let's talk about this BTW, what's ur ingame name? Gossip can't seem to find "Blue" In game.. Bluerhapsody
  5. Forum registration

    Please approve my son Oreo... he has tried and failed.. but just registered again and validated.
  6. Favorite skill.

    Its hard to choose just one but I'd have to say tailoring. I love clothes I couldn't vote for it since it wasn't on the list. Second would have to be crafting...I love jewelery too. Always hated to harvest, but now with tailoring I'm having to harvest so much... I'm starting to get addicted and lastly would be a/d... I don't do it enough cuz of the other skills, but try to do at least an hour a day.
  7. What are you lvl'ing on?

    I can think of a few other uses as well slave
  8. What are you lvl'ing on?

    at the moment, I'm collecting (buying/harvesting) all the resources I need. Then will come back and mix mix mix. Will make mostly the red and black dye's.
  9. Flowers, Etc.

    10k Sunflowers added to order list. Sorry, I don't do nightshade. :| awww.. ok, but thanks for the sunflowers!
  10. Selling 6k titanium ores

    Selling 6k titanium ores for 2.5gc ea or will trade for 6k thread post here or pm me in game (bluerhapsody)
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    In game: Bluerhapsody I need 20k coal.. will accept in smaller increments if you prefer. Total: 40k Got em! Thanks!
  12. Flowers, Etc.

    I'd like to buy 10k sunflowers plz I also need 15k nightshade if you harvest those as well...I'll pay 1.5ea for those
  13. petition for attributes cap

    After giving it a lot of thought.. voted yes!
  14. Harvest Service in just 1day!

    I'll buy 10k sunflowers plz In game.. bluerhapsody Plz cancel my order.. been 4 days and haven't heard if you were working on them or how much longer they would take. Couldn't wait any longer, and got these today. Thanks anyways
  15. Storage Sale

    Heres just a quick list of what I have for sale.. more items might be added, so check back if you don't find the item you're looking for. Minerals 20k diamonds (3gc) 760 mercury (6gc) 20k ogre toes (1.5gc) 6k titanium ores (2k) Weapons 1 Jagged sabre & 1 orc slayer (21k), 4 frying pans (800gc) Armors Full steel plate (100k) COM (54k) MOL (14k) Capes 2 BP cloaks (2k) Essence 1.5k HE's (7gc) 792 life ess (6gc), 70 earth (5gc) Rings 100 PL & WS (80), 100 diss (90) Potions Pots of crafting, TS, vitality, and pot of potions.. make offer on these you can either pm me in game or post here.