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  1. Save Killerlamb!!

    my sign syas ut all :roll:
  2. Seeking guild :)

    thx dudes but im not a dwarf sry and im not that good-good-guy and if i see a noob of curse i pk it (well im not so good in combat yet :/) but tkos seems cool i pm u Aero
  3. Legion of Doom now accepting applications

    hum can u join this guild or is it for uber players like the BIG guys or so?
  4. Seeking guild :)

    I was in wolfs but the wolfs guild no logner exisct i think... beacue there was no elders online at all have quit (last time i checked) so i am seeking for a new cool guild :shock: Ps: if some1 is planing to recreate Wolf again will help..
  5. pban because of name

    huh? if u bann him shuldent he be unable to get on the server again or am i msitaking?
  6. The races

    well i think there shoudl eb a differnce between tha races... i think eahc race start with 1 nexus or 2 attrbutes more in something like human start with 1 human nexus or maybe phys becuase they are good fighet guys... dwars are good in mining so they get inorganic or maybe humm i dont know which attribue now... and maybe elfs get the artifical becuase elfs use to be good at making stuff or maybe they get 2 in the attribue that gives much dex... becuase they is often dexterty,aggilty thinges... (i go after the most fantasy stories) or what u think?...
  7. ~~ NEW GUILD ~~ <AG> is recruiting!!!

    Isn't it funny how the word 'politics' is made up of the words 'poli' meaning 'many' in Latin, and 'tics' as in 'bloodsucking creatures’? LOL!
  8. banned by learner

    I cant belive this thsi is fu**ing insane!!! satve said some sh*t and the important thing was they it was okey to sit there for swordsman... but hwne afk sits there he gets banned?! okey when learner ask him to move he should moved thats the only mistake he did! and if u look at the log no1 says to afk that he/she wants in or out and hes isent blocking any "resources" so just unbann him and learner i think u and afk should an apologize to each other learnor for banning him for no reason (in my eyes) and afk for not moving when he was asked to
  9. and battleaxes and greatsowrd (2handed) and I think u should be able to have 2 1handed weapons in each hand like 2 scamitar would be fucking cool and ffs new helmet they are sooo fucking ulgy.... and shields just suck they are ulgy to get a "tower shield" thsoe are cool not a round one!
  10. UPDATE wont work!!

    Entropy thats what i ahve been doing about 10 times but it always the F*C*I*G SDL_net.dll that is missing ffs !!!!!!!! If i delite the whole game and download the whole game again will my charater still be left? and is the whole game file updated?.. plz answer fast!!!
  11. UPDATE wont work!!

    First i downloaded it and when it was a file that was gone, so I downloaded it again but now is it a other file thats gone ffs !!! fix this!!! why is it so, when i download i cant download all files?! "blah blah blah the SDL.net.dll file couldent be found blah blah blah" wtf is this??!!!
  12. its faris not paris, paris is a city
  13. Attack god temple!!!

    how to get to the attack gods temple... i cant take the way true orc temple becuae i can t kill orcs (btw i dont know if there is a way true there, people has just said it) and if there is a other way there how to get there? and the quest i know... have about 150 rabbit furs (son) and have start collecting deer antlers
  14. [b]The quest with the old elf book...[/b]

    ... in the map u see that tirnwood vale looks ALMOSt like an "8" if u have fanasy and in the north corner of that "8" u find him
  15. Quest from bukart

    the crystal of truth i dont know where and how to get it and where? so plz tell me how and where to get it (and the reward for the quest if u have done it)