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  1. New client patch!

    Just change the name of the exe and remove the word 'patch' in it. All files that have the name of 'install', 'patch' and some other words in it need admin rights to run. That did it. Sorry about that. Lol what a great way of enforcing admin-rights executables in Vista !!
  2. New client patch!

    I am running Windows Vista. I don't know if it's my config, but the el_patch executable always asks for the Windows admin password before executing, and runs with another config folder (the one from the admin account) than my normal one. The unpatched el executable (in same folder, has same permissions etc) has no such behaviour.
  3. bad incident :-)

    Actually, it was not because I was at carry capacity. It was because I had no open slots left; was just harvesting a bit in between fighting because it was 'that time of the hour' :-)
  4. The latest invasion

    could invasions be announced a few days prior, e.g. on the forums? Or were they already and I just didn't see it? Getting asked your opinion about something you didn't know happened is frustrating :-)
  5. Camera Suggestions.

    you can move the camera by holding the 'scroll wheel' down and moving the mouse left and right.
  6. New Manufacturing System

    I wasn't even aware there was a mass weapon production problem at all! Is there? I like the new interface, but it would be hard to introduce to newer players... Also, you would have to stop weapons from being dropped by monsters, but that is a more general remark (I personally think monsters should never drop anything directly useable like cloaks, high-level weapons and armor; they should only drop things like books and serpent stones and such - and yes, cloaks should be craftable :-)
  7. Special Class Of Items.

    Sorry stasia, Roja already suggested that
  8. EL Chess

    the queen? Maybe this is a different kind of chess, but doesn't the game continue until the king is PKed ? So what happens when the opponent PKs the queen? the game stops?? Almost all chess games end with the queens off the board...
  9. The summon potion book is necessary to make (duh) summon potions. I know, coz I wasted a pickpoint on vegetal nexus 5 to find out :-) BUT: it doesn't seem to be in the game at all! Nobody I've talked to has actually seen a summon potions book. Has it been forgotten in some monster's list of things to drop ? /EarlGrey - anxious to summon
  10. i cant read!!!!

    try typing #unignore You
  11. Hi, we're a newly formed guild called Dawn, and I think we inherited a guild channel from the recently disbanded GDC guild. We now have 'old' GDC guild members that are in our Dawn chat channel, probably because they never logged on between GDC disbanding and Dawn forming. Channel is 1000000015, if this helps any. Can you fix this bug, but also make sure that no other GDC 'old' members will be able to eavesdrop on our Dawn chat? Thanks! EarlGrey
  12. Hi, I'm new to RPG, where a term like 'To hit' is probably well-known by all. But I'm a little confused: What's the diference between 'Damage' and 'To Hit' ? Which one is more important to increase? Hope you can help a stumbling Earl!
  13. selling leather armour

    Let me know at what date & time (and include time zone pls) you will be on, and I'll find you. EarlGrey
  14. selling leather armour

    Let me know at what date & time (and include time zone pls) you will be on, and I'll find you. EarlGrey
  15. VOTD blacksmith

    I'm getting gold pieces as fast as I can, but I'm still short of the required 60k. I'd love a steel 2-edger though. Can I ask you for a lay-away plan ? Willing to pay slightly more if you want to hold one for me. Regards, The Earl.