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  1. Make weapons/amour Not last forever.

    *Bump* Come on this idea is good lol
  2. No P2p?

    Ummm, Ever heard of Kazaa People! LOl.... LOL... LOL ...LOL 3d Studio is easy to download, andworks, I have heard
  3. How about As you use stuff, like weapons, and Amour, It becomes damaged, and possibly distroyed... Like Iron Sword for instance should have a Certine number of Matrial Points, maybe 15/15, Over time as a person fights animals, a 5-80% chance ( for iron cause it is cheap) That it will lose 1-5 "MP" 14/15-11/15 If It reachs 0/15 the item is lost, Gone, comput.. This would help stabilise the economy, by making players need to reinvest, or keep up on there item's. To repair a item, a person would need to Manufactor parts of the item, but only a fraction of What is needed to build a item from scratch. - Maybe even being able to use flowers to "Patch" Weapons, amour ext.. Idea's for MP - Matrial points per item.. Rough draft here.. Item-MP-% To lose 1-5 MP point vairy per Animal attacked/charater Combat level aswell. Iron sword - 15/15- 10%-80% Iron Broad Sword- 35/35 - 10% -70% Steel long - 50/50 - 10%-67% Steel 2 Edge - 60/60 - 9%-60% Titan Steel long - 75/75 -15%-50% Titan steel - 190/190 -12% - 45% Titan Serpent 300/300 5% - 30% Amours, I just dont have energy for lol maybe little while.. Open to Thought...
  4. Failing Spells

    glad its going to be fixed
  5. ReCyling! :-P

    Yes indead Rectycling isnt a bad idea, Higher lv item's might even give back Ores LOL Now that would be neat, make people work to get em back to bars, then make something.. lol :-) Still open to idea's. :-)
  6. ReCyling! :-P

    How about Giving him another screen to "Unassemble Product" Or something, So Things like Manu you could get your matrials back to build more stuff, This would solve the loss of money with manu. Could have limits, to number of times he can Unassemble a product, And each time the product Loss'es value. One way or the other, Either Sell Your stuff, or have him unassemble them. :-D No To BOTH at same time! lol -Open to input and Add-ons.
  7. More Fur to buy

    Considering All and all, you can buy supplys to get Alchmely and Pots up, Why the heck Furs are not sold (Henrick or whatever only sells a few skins and furs) Is beond me. I mean come on, How bad to have him sell all furs to us, People have to travle so far to get to him, no storage near him, so Even If We use em to get manu going, Still hard, But we can buy Some special stuff like White rabbit, OR even fox furs. If people are willing to pay :-D
  8. ok, New idea for Harvesting lol :p

    Update I am now at lv 30, But god only knows when It will get better lol, I really think As you get higher, You get a bigger reward for things you know the best, Like cactus and Vegs should bring about what Iron did, now your at silver ablty.. . lol
  9. Clicking "New topic" Or "Reply" sometimes Every now and then Instead of doing one or the other, takes me back to the list of forums index. Over and over for about 10 minutes in row possible. Real anoying Had to try over and over to Post About a bug About posting! lol
  10. map making..

    Can Anyone make a map? Or do U need to be of the right Group lol Goblin
  11. Wands - Have (charges limited # ) of differnt type's of spells, a plus you Dont need the magic lv of the wand to use, A minus no exp gained from them. Rods - (Unlimited # of use's ) Have varying Use's from Health spells to posins, Also NO exp gained from use. Main Point of Rods and Wands is convenant, and easy to cast ablty's. New spells. EarthWall- A wall that can be buildt TO protect the caster from animals or other humans, Is distroyable, but buys time. Firewall - Sim to Earthwall, But made of fire, little harder to distroy, GO AROUND! Freeze- A spell to Freeze a animal or Human in there tracks, - Plus Can get away now, Minus, you cant attack them while they are frozen. Shrink Spell- Use to Shrink Animals to smaller more killable sizes, Doesnt work on humans. Earthquake - Temperary Shaking spell, good to throw off people as they follow you, Make them unable to click right spots, and A plus they drop stuff out of their bags. Caster is imune to loss of items, and can get away. --------------- Weapon- Sling shot. Load with Mined ore. The higher the ore level the more damage done. Iron ore if hits can do 5 hp damage :-D But Titan, 40 OUch! :-p
  12. Tanning and Skins

    Not to bad of an idea. Only Problem i see is Puma and bear skins. since 60% of the pop atleast is unable to kill anything above boar lol.
  13. No P2p?

    Sorry to Question powers that be, But I am unsure of making game P2p.. There are 100's of other games with Simular idealisms out there already charging, most $5-$10 a month, Some as high as $40. most as many point out have same ablt'ys and idea's ranging from guilds to mining. Personaly, And I am sure will be the case, at the $10 mark, The game must be better then all others. EverQuest For instance charges about that, And they have literaly Never ending stuff, put out full new game add-ons, and Have subliminal Message's To keep players hooked. I know the idea may be rash, but maybe By staying free, we could get enough people, A high enough player base, that and people to donate, to make it worth our while. I know This game is the retirement wish's of countless people, And we do like your hard work. P.s. I hope im still in good graces with Powers that be. :?:
  14. Is there a way to force people who speak other then normal english into ch of their understanding? To many times stuff like Market ch, Is spamed with Requests In german, Or some other Language. General chat, and newb chat do this too, normaly only a few people, doing who know what,. could be talking about how ugly I am with out me knowing it Maybe make Ch 1-50 Language/based by 5's? not sure.. lol just an idea.
  15. can my clan get a loan? :)

    I can loan 300 plat lol... Give me 10 % interest and Maybe a spot in your heart, :-D