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  1. Where has this world turned to?

    People are assholes. Deal with it.
  2. Eternal Lands last.fm group

    Ha, that's cool. Last.fm is great.
  3. This is interesting news. It would be an awesome breakthrough if NASA found microbial life on Mars.
  4. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Nile - Lashed To The Slave Stick Metallica - Creeping Death Cannibal Corpse - Make Them Suffer Capharnaum - Icon Of Malice Judas Priest - Wheels Of Fire
  5. Whats your favorate band?

    Metal. And don't spy on my posts, search monkey!
  6. Stuck in Alien Territory?

    Hey what program is that Roland?
  7. Stuck in Alien Territory?

    Yes, you need Windows Media Player 9. As for the talking thing, I can add voices, but I'm a really crap voice actor. But hey, if anyone on this site wants to do voices for me, I'd appreciate it.
  8. Stuck in Alien Territory?

    Are you stuck in Alien Territory? Can't find your way out? Do deadly creatures lurk near, waiting to feast on your flesh? Is your chance of survival minimal? Heck, if you have all these problems, then you're gonna need a gun. And some armor. And you're going to need to pluck up some courage. Being stranded in Alien Territory is no laughing matter! Remember to keep alert at all times, and when the monsters come close, you have to remember: you're smarter than them. You can win your way out with your intelligence. If all else fails, run like hell. ----- ! ALL these dilemmas and more are faced in my first movie release, ALIEN TERRITORY. Max, a spaceship crew member wakes up after a space battle to find he's on a completely foreign planet. Not only that, his enemies are stranded as well. And so are the monsters of the land. Will Max get out? Check it out: Click Here To View! And please, if you have time, give me some feedback on my movie on the site. Thanks all! ----- ! Wanna make your own movies? The Movies Website.
  9. Bots in VOTD

    They may be funny, but I too have noticed that they are quite annoying when it comes to the VoTD bridge. I have been blocked several times. I do not want to have to heal them just so I can pass.
  10. World Cup 2006

    I share your joy Banshen! After 31 years Australia's have made it to the World Cup!
  11. whats your religon?

    Gah. This topic hurts my brain. :|
  12. Beam me up scotty

    LOL! "DIY Time Travel!"
  13. Bad Object

    Whilst travelling the Palon Vertas map this error came up saying: Bad object: ./3dobjects/structures/watchtower.e3d . Two or more materials with the same texture name! It appeared twice. Just for the record I have not changed any of my object files... So could someone test this out to see if its not only happening on my PC? :mellow:
  14. The hall of shame

    Can all this stop please? This isn't about Rogue, either is it about Enyo. Stop taking your dislike out on these forums, and look at the topic at hand. You cheaters were CAUGHT, its plain and simple. And now your names will hang on the Wall of Shame. I don't want anyone trying to weasel themselves or others out of it - you were caught, and now you must pay the consequences. I reminds you all again, this is not about mods, its about you players who cheated. It's a Wall of Shame, something that others can look at to see who in the game played unfairly. Stop the flames and TAKE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE.
  15. 2+2=5?

    2 + 2 = 5... wtf. You guys are losin' it.