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  1. very old players

    Hi nice Oldies Vartican, Nidan, Aepox, Puntif, The_Piper and others, we started to play together almost the same time. Good to see you all
  2. Magyarok

    \O/ Szeva Foszti
  3. Selling full titanium set

    Serious offers pls here or pm ingame ty
  4. Looking for succesor ;)

    oh heya mikac dont give away your char, man maybe you will come back once, who knows?
  5. Selling lot of rare book

    Im selling these books, for details pm me pls in game: Steel Shield Constr. Titanium Mining Steel Axe Constr. Titanium Serpent Constr. Titanium Molding Iron Axe Constr. Orc Fighting Potion of Summoning Potion of Manufacturing Disengagement Ring Build. Elf Fighting Cyclops Fighting Titanium Chainmail Constr. Crafting Potion Titanium Short Constr. Potion of Feasting Titanium Axe Constr. Portland Ring Build. Titanium Smelting Stars Medallion Build.
  6. Ummm?

    I dont believe that it was your brother. If he doesnt want play El why hacked a char, played as Phax and wanted to scamm passwords and items from our members. Btw the Phax char had be a reset because you got tons of neg perks. You got too easy punishment for this.
  7. Cooldown log

    I like this cooldown thing, some stuffs (ring,pots) need some tune but generally it makes the game more interest for me. Thnx
  8. New harvest events

    I got two 50 radiation damage yet
  9. Calling all guildleaders

    I like it
  10. Is the server down? [SOLVED]

    I can't connect to server :/
  11. TommyKnocker and xnight

    Of course, we have logs.
  12. War to Daxon

    Much more member dont like you, they were happy when you left. Now it is peace in guild...finally. AND not im not blind about shivar i dont care him. You are blind about him you really cant remember after you helped him, he harassed you on your radio site?? Who the blind?? omg...
  13. War to Daxon

    Its not true You have been kicked out from *O* because lots of member dont like you and you always made troubles. When you bitched on gm that was the last brick on the wall..
  14. War to Daxon

    You whinned me that they attack you during pvp, I promised that they wontattack you but you play unfair way (seems to me it not was the first time) thats why i broke this unwritten rules between us. Enjoy it, it was a bug and you could thank to entropy or mihaim that they didnt do a rollback because it.
  15. forum game