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  1. Which was your biggest project ever?

    I was in a middle of a "reset project" when I deleted Jh... 8k Titanium Bars [A friggin lot of harvesting right there...], 2k SRs, a couple k of thread, something with crafting that I forgot, a couple k of leather helms and a bunch of other stuff that I already forgot...... Pretty much just something for each skill... LBK ~
  2. Wedding Invitation To All

    Yayyy Scorp! Congratz to both of you LBK ~
  3. Real Wiccan Online Wedding Ceremony

    Congratulations Icy and Tirun!!! :] I definitely CANNOT miss this, even though I havent been able to play EL in a while, I will try to make the wedding! :] ~Jh~
  4. What is your hobbies

    EL takes up most of my time... IM'ing my friends on AIM Music: piano and cello Sleep Playing EL Eat: I'm hungry 24/7... its surprising that I'm not fat and that I'm really short >.< I like Basketball And I'll probably add swimming to this list as soon as we move to our new house (That has a swimming pool, duh) Playing EL Spamming forum (Well, I used to do that on MkvL forum then I stopped ) Daydream Read Playing EL Get pissed at popular people/wannabes for being such stuckups and idiots And at idiots who think they're cool but all they really are stupid, lame idiots... And finally, play EL ~Jh~
  5. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    Shop closed. I find that I dont have as much time as I thought I would have on my hands. Projects and reports left and right. Additionally, I'm involved in a few music 'programs' that take up most of my Saturday and some of my Sunday. I will most likely reopen my shop in the summer as I have the most time on my hands then. Sorry guys. ~Jh~ P.S. - I WILL finish the orders. Dont worry, I'll get those done #EDIT: Left a word out
  6. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    Okay, I'll start on your order now Felkku. Erma, I pick EEs - its a nice change from all the WEs Deadhead's and Lotheneil's orders are finished. #EDIT: I wont be taking orders for a while. I need to reset and its going to take awhile to get back up (say three to five weeks?). However, I will finish the orders I currently have. I apologize for all inconveniences caused. ~Jh~
  7. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    Okay, FelkkU. Jaclaw's order is done. Cyprom's order is halfway done. Starting on Lotheneil's order. ~Jh~
  8. Bagjumping?

    Yes, bagjumping is when you die and someone takes your db and refuses to give it back. In PK, if you kill someone, well, you can take their bag. However, if you made an agreement for a FF or PvP with someone and to return his/her bag if he/she died, it is considered bagjumping not to give his/her db back. #EDIT: Forgot about being bagjumped while bagmixing ~Jh~
  9. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    Okay, I'll start on it after I get through all the rest. #EDIT: Erma's and Vrumfondel's orders are done. Starting on Jac's order. ~Jh~
  10. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    Alrighty, I'll start on the orders. ~Jh~ P.S. - That's a lot of WEs that I have to make O_O
  11. amazing chameleons!

    They're so colorful
  12. JhLightning's Harvest and Alchemy

    SHOP CLOSED! ORDERS REMAINING ALL FINISHED ORDERS READY FOR DELIVERY: 1.5k WEs - Edlothiolon 1.5k WEs - Felkku Delivered 1.5k EEs - Ermabwed Delivered 1k WEs - Deadhead Delivered 150 Gypsum - Deadhead Delivered ~Jh~
  13. Diamonds

    I'll sell ya 4.5k. PM me ingame. ~Jh~
  14. Bambie & Thumper

    Awwwww, so cute
  15. Vista trouble, it worked before

    Where is this? I'm a computer n00b -.-