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  1. we don't need all rounders, and if you want to be then you need some sort of draw back like less phy and coord
  2. and when these monsters attack, they should drop reallllly rare items that they bring from where ever they are attacking from, and attack with magic swords, just not drop those
  3. Weasel_ninja And Pepepe Banned For Multi Acc

    how can you get mad, you got caught cheating, there isn't anything you can get mad about
  4. El Taking All Processor Cycles

    and also you have a duron which suck
  5. Harm Spell

    this is known
  6. What About New Monsters?

    or if not big dragons make baby dragons the size of bears
  7. Where's My Char Now? >.>

    yah all chars got deleted sorry man
  8. Take Away The Mm Perk

    I think it should be only a mm cape not a perk, newbies shouldn't be able to roam where ever they want or others make a alt char to get perk to go steal peoples stuff, makin it just a cape would help with that
  9. New Idea

    sounds good to me
  10. 2 NEW PERKS

    well if people did take and do everything they still wouldn't be as good as the people that took and specialized
  11. since we have to 2 positive perks why can't we have 2 new neg perks, not that give 7pp though maybe like 5 or 3. Like one that reduces your chances by 100% to make enriched items and increase your chance to break items by 75%
  12. black and white

    yah I have seen others as black and white like that before, just never posted it
  13. gods

    yah I agree with the above 2
  14. Player Stats

    yes ofcourse we want this, I liked seeing it before