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  1. HOLY IS back.

    Lost is honered to be an Ally - good luck to all.
  2. Fidjit & Snitch

    Rendered in DAZ Studio © Fade Willow 2009
  3. List of Trade Bots

    bot name FIDJIT can be found in MM on the path from Tankel was owned by Tiwaz now owned by me Fayde (sister) Trade Bot & heavy drinker
  4. In Memoriam

    I didnt realy know what to say in my last post so I went off and made this
  5. In Memoriam

    This is sad news indeed, love and light for the family - sending you energies to help you through this dificult time and lighting a candle for Desdamona. Fade will there be a place in game for her we can visit?
  6. looking for map maker

    No longer needed thank you
  7. looking for map maker

    I am looking for an experienced map maker to build the guild map for us - a creative imajinative mind is important too (Examples of previous maps made please) Fade
  8. A New Monster for EL?

    Sorry Scorp hunny , I have had it now with this place. I can be found at my MSN Group or my new under constuction http://fade-willow.piczo.com which will have its own forum. Somewhere I can post what I like where I like without getting upset or nagged at. or you can e-mail me at fade_willow@hotmail.co.uk For your information Anshar - Do not ever tell ANYONE that dyslexia is not an exuce. You obviously know nothing about it or indeed what problems it can cause people - it afects people in diferent ways. How dare you attack a persons mind!! you know nothing about. i am not a young flighty thing i am indeed a 38 year old woman with manors and feelings. I sugest you go do some homework on Dyslexia and the diferent ways it can afect people and lern to tolerate and understand the diferences people have in the real world. I am very upset with this, for one thing there was for once in these forums ... NO flaming No swaring NO backbiting No slagging off the mods No slagging of the game owners No slaging off the game it was a nice quioet happy thread until now. I have never been talked to or treated like this in any other place. Some people here have no manors at all, its just attitude all the way. I left the game itself because of the Attitute problems and now I wont be posting in the forums anymore. It makes me very angry. Im sorry to others who read this and Blee I will continue to do your picture but I will PM you rather than post if that is ok. Scorp I am still trying to make the dragon armor, its proving to be quite a tough one for me and I am having to lern modling to make it, please bare with me. Fade
  9. Fan Art Gallery

    Well here is my 1st atempt at an Orchan Character, quite hard to do I must admit. Cant have him looking too pretty now can we? lol Hope you like it Euric - if not ahh well one did ones best lol only took four hours, know what I mean? rofl Fade Willow
  10. A New Monster for EL?

    A - because I am used to diferent forums. B - I am dyslexic and have trouble understanding some ways to do things and have a slight memory problem. Blee, no problem I will keep working on it, I think I have found a way to add some leg bones and I have just bought some cool magic efects that should look rather good with this peice. I have a slight backlog of things to make for people but will continue with yours over the wekend as I find it a chalenge and fun, thank you Fade
  11. A New Monster for EL?

    I will try my best for you, I only have 2 beard props and I dont know if I can alter them suficiantly to suit your face but I will go have a try. Fade BLEE This is what I can do for the cave and base - bare in mind there is NO lighting or magic effects added yet its JUST a base repren of what I can do. If its not to your liking I would rather you tell me now so I can stop however if it is ok I will carry on with it later in the week. Fade
  12. A New Monster for EL?

    Here are a couple more veiws for you in thumbnails Grimnir? if you decide to download DAZ I have a help and suport group for newbies to DAZ your quite welcome to come and join us http://groups.msn.com/DAZaholics im sure we can help you out. And those of you who wanted character portraits hmmmmm me is still waiting for the screanies lol Fade Willow
  13. A New Monster for EL?

    DAZ Studio is a free graphics programme, it is like Poser if you have herd of that, but better it alowes you to make pictures as I have by adding figures, cloths, hair, lights and of course nasty beasties rofl Fade
  14. A New Monster for EL?

    I was playing about with this weeks DAZ Freebie and a thought entered, hmmm maybe this wee beastie could make a new monster idea for EL. rofl Well I think hes pretty darn cool - what do you guys think? It is named the Dinokonda but I call the picture The Guardians Fade Willow
  15. Fan Art Gallery

    That realy good, I like pencil drawings and you have done a good job there