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  1. World Cup 2006

    for england - keep becks under control -keep rooney under control -give owen THROUGH BALLS (tht is was speed is for >_<) -and then something shud happen... but pffff personally i like holland though england ftw! germany won't hold it together, italy will be formiddable as always, brasil will be the tough cookie, but get held down by an under-dog, france will be plague by amazing players with big ego's doing nothing... spain and portugal... if they are in it, shud fancy their chance's... raul the poacher for golden boot shud be a good world cup for once..
  2. EL anniversary

    yea it was made in feb... and it cudn't of been made in 2004, i was playing in 2003... o.O
  3. New Cyclops

    ++support for mauri's idea give the current ogre boobs, something to cover em, and some hair, and keep the stats, then taking mr ogre, knock levels + exp up and wallah!
  4. Dragoni's....

    i believe he is commander obvious actually! for I am captain obvious
  5. spawn ownership

    i reckon the whole random thing wud be weird, i bet it's more like, pooling all spawns used on each map, and making them available for every last creature/monster on it ^_^
  6. When Ants Go Bad!

    i'm picking roja's side she'll just make a nice big magic fence n lock them out!
  7. Unicorns

    the idea of making a unicorn killer pk-able for x-days, ive seen a few times, and to be honest, it's not really a good one, coz seeing as this creature will be sooooo strong, so will it's killer, now how many people are gonna attack donped if he does it... and then u see my point...
  8. since when you play this game?

    i started just before christmas 2003 =) (*nudges some1 to tell poxxor to write in this...* wasn't he like the first actual player? i think i heard tht >_<)
  9. Good News and Bad News

    Bush Vs Ent = So much raduRage explained... lmao
  10. you know when you played too much EL when..

    You know you've played too much EL, when u see corn and think of Radu ...when you shout at your friends saying you are the frukas while walking away from them ...when you go to a zoo, specificaly to pray in front of a llama ...when you try mixing three types of alcohol in a test tube hoping for some form of magic potion (ive personally done this twice...) ...when you are making your dinner and start looking for the "mix" button on the table
  11. England

    ha, southeners *representing the land of the Prince Bishops* county durham, yes, we are sorry about blair, very sorry, why do you think people voted for him? we just wanted him out of the county....
  12. Death Bags: Reworded

    sweet, am one of the 14 up to now who'd keep it (i may give a couple guild mates their goods back, or some friends, but even friends i wud be reluctant > oh, and do i care if i don't get mine back? do i smeg, though, i am always grateful when some1 pm's mee - i extremely rarely go looking for my own death bag..)
  13. TOPIC

    wtf is wrong with market chan? isn't a *real* market a place where you can go to buy/sell/trade goods and talk? i have never been to a market, had a chat with some1, then had "TOPIC" shouted in my ear o.O the total strictness of the chan is completely drawing away from the rpg aspect of el and for what? so a few people who wanna go trade crazy, can? this is totally not fair. it may be a minority who want to talk in market chan, but does tht make it any less relative or important? i can't see new people joining the game and liking having TOPIC shouted at them, this game has always been centred around a good community, as all rpg's should be, so why the need for the strictness? i am truely baffled by this....
  14. TOPIC

    so instead of saying 1 thing in the chan, u want mee to pm the exact same message to like 5 or 6 people... there is such thing as talking in groups... but i will leave this and reserve my judgement untill after we have multi channel support... =) gimme some lockage ^.^
  15. TOPIC

    the reason this is being brought up AGAIN is because anyone who is anyone who wants to buy or sell ANYTHING has to be on channel 3, it is the place with the most people.... some of em noobs who can't even pm so u gotta sit and read everything, the offtopic stuff never really goes THT overboard (and if it does, u mods are there to warn peeps VIA PM FIRST [seriously, how hard is tht?], then kick or whatever..), and it's being used as some daft excuse to hold your positions in thinking your right... which i truely believe u aren't market chan used to be so much more peaceful... yet offtopic happened, and tht was before bots, so only players sat selling/buying, and there was no major complaints back then... how come now there is complaints? some grumpy a**holes joined and people have just followed suit? as i sed in the first place, this is a ROLE PLAYING GAME, now i take tht to be fake reality, and in reality, you TALK in a market....
  16. Meh

    figgeh!!!! one word - Bane you know u love the old myth crew... (pssssssst, where the hell is dustbin!!!!)
  17. doom and masters capes

    *doesn't just miss the old capes, misses the old el* =( hasn't felt right for about 8 or 9 months now... =(
  18. TOPIC

    lol, the good ole days
  19. Oldschools And Waht Happened To Them.

    if ure looking for some more olbies, ive noticed a few of them in kal online and you can guarantee loads will be joining wish when it comes out 2moro (or woteva day the draw puts them in ^.^) meep, sorry miss maggi portland ^.^ wb
  20. Alternate Servers?

    shasso, imagine a world where you can go to a spawn, train, get woteva u want, then go back to storage, chill with ure oldbie friends, THIS is wot tht server could be like.... my only question is, who would be responsible for setting in stone the definition of a "n00b"???
  21. This Is Great

    *likes leeloo's idea* some little island, stick a boat to it from somewhere like naralik (it's out the way of noobs) then u cud get a mod to sit at the entrance, do the demi thing, and let no1 in without permission ^.^
  22. New Update Rokcs!

    wolf, u may like it, lots of people may like it, but do u honestly believe tht just because a hand full of people like it, it's fair. if you do, take a reality check. yea, some things are more balanced, but, wot if the lovely chain gets broken, and no1 wants to pay the harvesters, or the manuer's and want to do it themself, then u just took some1's complete enjoyment out of the game, just because YOU find it fair and nice, doesn't mean we all do, and you don't have to argue it so much, you have your opinion, we have ours, and quite frankly neither of the two sides of the arguement give a fuck about the other, and THT my friend, is real life, stop prostesting, and go play.........
  23. Devolopement Team

    freeone, i still don't think ure understanding wot i sed i sed ask 100 people to be special DESIGNATED testers, those 100 should be a mix of vets, middlebies and noobs, choosen at random or however. then, there is no things about people who chose not to go to the test server, this is 100 people, they do it. then they give their vote, yes or no's only, no maybe's/i don't care's... actually, make it 99 peeps, then one side must win the vote then, once 50 of these testers vote yes on something, it can be implemented.... and freeone, u don't need to keep commenting on this, it's an idea, for the Dev's, if they like, it can go further, wot other people think about, doesn't matter at all...
  24. Oops

    lol, i wanna get back in!, but still lol! ent, ure priceless
  25. Devolopement Team

    i am not a dumb noob you fool, i know there is a test server, why do you think i made the bloody suggestion!!!!!!!! try reading wot i sed again, then give sum input, instead of just quoting it and wasting space to increase ure post count