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  1. Can i plz gett unbanned

    Ok, then I will need the following proof: A letter of confession from him, including a copy of his birth certificate and picture. And it has to be notarized. birth certificate,picture, the proof was him running out of my room
  2. Can i plz gett unbanned

    my brother was formally hadesangel i gave him the account last year and he was in a guild i believe Guild Bone and he used to ig me and because when i read the chat log it said [17:18:44] #GM from pookies: kk lmao lets ig ghrae guild sayign self pleasuring devices [17:18:45] #GM from Arigorn: #ig cel HI
  3. Can i plz gett unbanned

    At least have some balls and admit it it was you. I am tired way over my head of the lame brother excuses. Really, it's getting tiring. I am not lying my brother is like the god of trouble making I would never say self peasuring device what sense does that even make but im apologizing for both our actions