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  1. Intel or AMD?

    I would have voted for AMD as I do prefer them but Intel are the only ones to release an open driver for their gfx card.
  2. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Phys removal at Portland blue lupine bush Animal removal at SRI iron ore
  3. NMT breakable poll

    I vote against it, I don't actually own a NMT cape yet, but I like the fact that it is both rare and indestructable. Then this is the deciding factor. At the end of the day you have the final say so, this is a game in beta, you are the owner of the game and we are just here to have fun play testing it. So far all updates have made this game more fun I'll trust your judgement to make the best decision with regards to making the game better for all.
  4. Auctioning Animal Removal Stone

    I am auctioning 1 animal removal stone for gc only. Bidding starts at 250kgc. Buy it now price is 450kgc. Minimum bid increments of 10kgc please. Auction ends in 7 days from now or earlier if the buy it now price is reached.
  5. Auctioning Animal Removal Stone

    Auction closed - deal reached and stone sold!
  6. This is exactly the same position I'm in
  7. Come And See One Last Time.

    I'd like these please - my ingame name is Ringil_Oddsocks
  8. I abstained on the hour vote as I too would like the message on the hour. I also voted for 1 min before dawn/dusk as this would give time for players with low def levels to beam out of the Whitestone map before the gargoyles became active. For the new day warning I voted for 5 min before the new day starts for purely personal reasons BTW nice idea to have the warnings able to be turned off in the settings window
  9. Err..prior to a name change this char was called Keorn_Asata I bought the P2P in 2 parts using gc to $ services supplied by 2 seperate third parties. Can you let me know if it was successful?
  10. Can I just get confirmation that Ringil_Oddsocks is for life please?
  11. ~Ores Incorporated~

    7k Thread please Online name is Ringil_Oddsocks
  12. ?IP Banned?

    Hi I play in game as Ringil_Oddsocks. 20mins ago I logged in from my in-laws house and played happily. Now I get an IP ban. I have obviously lost the ings for the FEs I was making in NC storage, but can someone explain why the IP ban has occured, and if my character is locked? Thanks for reading. Please Ignore - I had shutdown broadband and restarted and got a connection that isn't banned.
  13. I'm not sure what a mineral nexus is but the idea seems cool!
  14. Looking for a guild.

    EaglePrince, for some reason I think I remember that you use Slackware. If so have you considered LNX as a possible guild?
  15. Making some space in storage

    Its time to make some space in my storage again. I have created some bundles of items for sale and posted the price for the bundle underneath. Please post in this thread if you wish to purchase anything, and let me know your ingame name. I will be online later and will contact you. Flowers 306 Wormwood 2458 Red Rose 2458 Red Snapdragons 245 White Asiatic Lilly 967 Cotton 8891 Sunflower 5kgc Furs 26 Puma Fur 40 Snow Leopard fur 90 Red Snake Skin 45 Deer Antlers 50 Wolf Fur 65 White rabbit fur 27 Brown Snake Skin 5 Bear Fur 6 Green Snake Skin 3 Fox Fur 1kgc Armour 7 Iron Shield 2 Iron Chain Mail 1 Steel Chain Mail 1kgc Clothes 6 Warm Fur Gloves 10 Fur Cloak 100gc Potions 445 True Sight Potion 20kgc Miscellaneous 6046 Coal 325 Steel Bar 20kgc
  16. De-cluttering my storage.

    The title says it all. I'm clearing out a few bits from my storage - please post here what you want and your offer. It's too difficult to do this on the fly - only offer made in reply on this topic thread will now be accepted. Regards Ringil - that's right my ingame name is Ringil_Oddsocks - 'cause Glimbrin_Oddsocks wouldn't fit anyhoo the stuff for sale is this:- all gone - closed
  17. De-cluttering my storage.

    @liquid how about 3kgc? @magpielee seeing as you returned my db containing my steel armour you can have those for free.
  18. Guess the player name!

  19. Selling monster drop books

    I'd like the following:- 1 Book of Titanium Long Construction 1 Book of Disengagement Ring Building 1 Book of Ring of Damage Building 1 Book of Titanium Serpent Sword Construction 3.5kgc right? My ingame name is Keorn_Asata